Beginning life at 43 – Being Rugged

Who says life stops after the kids grow up and go away?  For me, it has just begun.  All the things I couldn’t or shouldn’t of done because I was “being a good mom” are all still out there, waiting for me.  Today I did the Rugged Maniac.  This is me, at the top of the mountain.

Here we have a few of the many obstacles we faced today, head on, and conquered.

It was quite a day but so much fun, and I didn’t feel old!

L to R: Stephen (Maria’s son), Maria, Jenna (Maria’s daughter) and me.   We were about half way done, we still had some major obstacles to go, but we all did pretty well… and are still all going to the Warrior Dash in two weeks, ahhhh!!

4 thoughts on “Beginning life at 43 – Being Rugged

  1. Laura Rae Olson says:

    I’m so proud of you! From the time we met until now you’ve done so many wonderful things, and it’s been a joy and an inspiration to watch you grow.

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Any questions, perspective, and comments are warmly welcomed.. I swear! Good and bad, its about growing and learning and getting better. I'd love to hear your thoughts, anytime. ;)

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