We SHALL overcome

Why is it that it doesn’t matter if your kids are grown up and moved away– if something bad happens to them or they are hurting, it hurts us JUST as much, if not more, then if it happened to ourselves.

We want to fix it, change it, do anything possible thing we can to make it better, and if we can’t we at least want to help them through it.  We know having been there many times ourselves that each day things will feel a little better and eventually everything will be okay again.  We know  these are obstacles or “stumbling blocks”, in life that usually come when we are making some sort of progress and are designed for us to trip on, fall over, turn around at or just stop.  To find our way around these sidewalk-cracking boulders is the real key, and it’s not easy, but it is very possible.   And even, after a while of this fancy-footwork, obstacles can be reduced to mere rocks we can just kick out of the way… if we just keep trying and not letting them get us down.

Obstacles, or “stumbling blocks” are a subject I really do know so much about. During the last two or so years I have been making my life over, I have faced many, many physical obstacles and have come close to that “edge” that you go over when you give up.  I know that edge well, I’d been there many times in my past when I started succeeding and then an issue or failure hit me hard and I gave up fell off that cliff.  So far though, this time around, I’ve continued to turn from that edge and stayed the course, and as a result, found the success I’d missed so many time in my past, previous attempts when I’d give up.  As far as the mental/emotional obstacles, for me, they are my bigger challenge– and as I do more and let more people and things in my life, I risk more pain: but when I stick to the same state of mind I have about my physical obstacles, I’m learning I can maneuver around even the biggest painful moments.  I might not bounce back as quickly (yet) but I can’t let it “break my stride.”

I hope that whatever obstacles and stumbling blocks befall you, you can find the strength to get past them and not give up.   I promise you, if you do, you will find that success you’ve been searching for.  It’s truly one of the hardest things you’ll ever do, but when you do, you’ll see you can do anything.


Today’s blog is dedicated to a girl I know who is stronger than women twice her age. Girl, you WILL overcome. I love you.

Any questions, perspective, and comments are warmly welcomed.. I swear! Good and bad, its about growing and learning and getting better. I'd love to hear your thoughts, anytime. ;)

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