After the 4th of July, summer is NOT over. Just want to make that clear

I hope everyone is having a great summer so far! Someone once said to me.. “after the 4th of July, its like summer is over”.…IDTS! I hate that phrase, because HELLO still 2 months left! To me, Its just begun, and I must say during the first month and a half, I’ve spent more time with friends and grandbaby doing so many fun, social and crazy things I’d of had a jam packed summer if it was over now. (Thank God its not!) I am so grateful and blessed to have these people… but there have been other things,  missing my love, family ill, being a rock for my friends when I feel like sand… weighing me down still and keeping me in bad habits and not running… and I have a marathon to train for. (10/12/14, let the countdown begin)

After the half (6/1/14) I took some time off and that got a little out of control– and I cannot tell you what a change in my energy level no exercise did and eating crap did to me… and I can say that because I finally started up again last week and I feel like a hyberbunny again! My running, however, kind of sucks, lol, as I have to get my breathing back and stamina… but I feel so much better inside. I’m gonna rollerblade and dust the bike off and get back to the gym so I can build it back up quicker… and then there’s the eating… so important… got to start eating right again. No more hot dogs and burgers.  Back to lean protein, complex carbs and Almond Milk. (Chocolate Almond Milk rocks, btw).

Sometimes we do what we can handle, and sometimes we have to kick ourselves in the butt and get back on track. Even if we mess up day after day, you just got to make up your mind and get back at it, like I am. I started from nothing, so now, I’m no longer a beginner, I know I can do it.  And of course, I have this goal….my second marathon, which I hope to do under 4.20 this time.  Having a goal is such a motivator.  Weight loss, toning, racing, a dress or jeans you want to fit in… find one, and tell everyone, so you stay on track.  It will make 100% difference.


Me at 8 AM this morn, stretching after a so-so run.

YES, I  ran today!! (and I’ll be running tomorrow, and the next day, and the next).

If you have any questions on training, health, fitness and or nutrition, or you’ve been struggling and need to vent/get motivation, feel free to comment!!



2 thoughts on “After the 4th of July, summer is NOT over. Just want to make that clear

Any questions, perspective, and comments are warmly welcomed.. I swear! Good and bad, its about growing and learning and getting better. I'd love to hear your thoughts, anytime. ;)

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