Another week goes by as life persists on sucking summer out of the way to make room for back-to-school items

Hope it was a Happy Friendship Day for you yesterday. I’d like to tell a truth.

I did run a few times this week, but my heart and desire for it are no where near where they should be. A lot has happened to me since the marathon.   Just when you get to the place where you finally think nothing can touch you, something will come, touch you, then knock you the hell off your pedestal.

 That something will be something you still need to fix in your life, mark my words. The stronger you get, the more your weakness will be tested.  It was a very long time of all consuming, grueling and terribly painful memories. But they were experiences I learned and am learning so much from – about myself and the work I still need to do on me.

Only just this week after I cannot remember when I went back in my head to envision the girl I was before it all began.  It was hard to believe she slipped so far away from me, or that I’d gotten so lost. I was so strong, so invincible I thought… it was hard to even remember her at all.

Trying on Marathon outfits

Trying on Marathon outfits October 2013

Everyday of every week is not the same, especially when you’re readjusting back into your life….some are filled with such joy and love you would think it would cover the span of the rest of the week.. or even the whole month!  But the bad days still come, only now I can see that the good days are close behind, and they have become overwhelmingly wonderful days these days.  So I just wade it out.  I will still get up and try to run tomorrow, and the next.  I will get it there, I always do.  #imafuckinmarathoner.

Overwhelmingly wonderful this week at a glance: It was the last week of concerts in the park in MG, and lots of people came, even though I wasn’t expecting it, lol… and it turned out magnificently. There was even my very favorite little fairy girl.

And some other highlights this week included a crazy work week, with new computer installations while having the monthly newsletter to publish too. It was a great learning experience, test of patience, and a break from the norm, lol.

I had some company over this week and fun too.  Wow it seems a lot longer of a week in perspective.

And said goodbye to two special friends as well.. one was at the beginning of the week and the other at the end.. I won’t forget them and I hope they don’t me either.

I’m thinking I’m looking forward. Now the the vacation dust has settled on some other of my friends, there’s still a little more fun summer to squeeze out, despite the back-pack takeover coming tomorrow. Time for bed.  Gonna get up and run tomorrow.  At least I’m gonna try.  Have a great week and stay strong. A better 2

Any questions, perspective, and comments are warmly welcomed.. I swear! Good and bad, its about growing and learning and getting better. I'd love to hear your thoughts, anytime. ;)

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