Friends: My Werid Twin

Friendship Day has inspired me. 

A Me and my Werid Twin production

I wasn’t always so “friendly” or surrounded by so many real friends, like I can say I am today.   As I learned to love myself, I could let people in further without risk of getting hurt.  I also eliminated “friends” that brought me down, or made me feel bad when I was around them.  You have to do that.  Things like no expectations, as well as other “life rules” I’ve learned, help keep my friendships strong, growing and mostly pain-free. Running with friends still hurts sometimes though, lol.

She had a dream and I did too, and the forces connected us in the bathroom of our 25th class reunion.  Almost one year after, this girl and I ran our first marathon together– as 44 year olds.  Without her I don’t know if I would have actually done it.  She’s a wild, crazy, awesomely unique human being– and stands just slightly shorter than me (and I’m very short). It never quite added up right for me, why she was shorter, so once we actually measured our limbs against each others (we were exhausted after a half, and too tired to move so we were bored what can I say). We are exactly the same height and size everywhere… its only because of her old neck/back injury does she lose an inch maybe of height in her neck.  Ha!  I knew it.

Never have I met someone so much like me sometimes we think the same thoughts at the same time… it annoys both of us. But regardless, we are stuck together, bonded forever–we are runners, marathoners, old school party chicks, risk takers and self-titled “weird twins.” She brings out the best in me, even the best baddest me. I never have a bad time or look silly when I’m with her, because she’s right there being as wild as I can be. I know she was brought into my life, and I’m forever changed as a crazy person now thanks and forever grateful to have her, even if she’s weird.

This year we are again running the Chicago Marathon..but this time it’s for blood.  Look out Gazelle, I’m coming for ya.

🙂 Happy Monday.


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