We Were Just Going to See a Band Tonight

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Not sure what I was expecting, or even if I wanted to go out, when we went to see this fun band I blogged about seeing couple years back.  My friend had been here before, but I hadn’t gone to any of the new casino places in Rosemont Des Plaines since it was built (nor had I any desire), till tonight, I guess.  When we finally parked, walked, got a drink and settled in a spot, I looked around and thought I’d entered The Twilight Zone.  

I don’t say that very often, but really….trippy. There were lights, everywhere… there was a huge crowd- hundreds of people – and all so very touristy looking…families, friends, bikers, couples, babies, old people, big groups, little groups, teens, kids; there was Astroturf on the ground around the stage in a huge oval, like a football field. There were people with chairs, picnic blankets, at tables- there were restaurants, shops, bowling- and the famous Muvico I am dying to have a steak dinner and a movie at.  There was a band and fireworks a huge display.  It was like our own private little taste of Disney or some such resort-type place.  All nestled behind these huge buildings along the 90 Expressway and the airport.  You could see the planes but not hear them.  I felt like I was now on vacation.  It’s so unlike Chicago.

Don’t ask me why they made a little taste of Orlando in Rosemont Des Plaines, but I don’t really care either.  We jumped right in, and up, and down, (video on my FB page- check it out!) – on Astroturf – to one of my favorite local bands Wedding Banned with my buddy and a huge crowd of touristy people, and they really put an awesome show on for us. We rocked the house.  Or Park.  Or whatever it was we were at.

Hey, its Friday, we made it.

Have a great one.


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