I Love New York in June… How About You?

Wow.  Tonight I found out that one of the happiest, most interesting men I ever (but really never) knew died.  Not only that he died, and he was way too young, but that he might of ended his life.  <HUGE SIGH>  You know, I grew up with Robin Williams starting as Mork, from Ork.  I was a 70’s tv kid and Robin came and just took over.  His movies were the funniest.. he just kept blowing us away.  There were so many movies… really different, odd movies with him, and some I didn’t even see until I got older.

But here are my top Five (5)– in Honor, and In Memory.

Really, it was extremely difficult to choose.  But these were my favorites.. to me, he, combined with the movie, were just, the perfect movie.  I honor you sir.

World According to GarpOne summer I finally saw “The World According to Garp”— Wow.  I swallow hard and shed a tear as I think back to that movie.. I think I might watch it again tonight, in honor of him.  It was deeply moving.. pongient and just spot on in some ways.. of that era.. those relationships.  My #1 Robin Williams movie.  I highly recommend you watch that if you want to see Robin as a real, deep actor.  Not the funny guy.  If Robin had been young in today’s era, he would of excelled in this route- post Jerry Seinfield, I guess.  Back then, he teetered on what was considered a “dramatic leading man” (Ugh when I think they liked William Hurt more- he was such a stale cracker, bland and boring). I think ultimately Hollywood pushed him in the comedic direction.  I believe I read somewhere that hurt him, in a way– that he once aspired to drama and his dream was all but fizzled after this role.  Wow.  It was such a great film.. unbelieveable. I wonder if he ever got over it.

The Fisher KingI love New York in June.. how about you?”… You know I have yet to meet someone I sing that too that gets it.  I can sing it.. but they don’t know.  I don’t know how anyone worthy of a movie lover title can have gone without seeing “The Fisher King.”  I mean, for gosh sake Jeff Bridges is in it, and he’s the sane one!! But the relationship between the two.. this crazy man Robin portrays.. both their lives and struggles.. its all so moving and breathtaking.  Have you seen that one?  If not, please take time too. Then go out and sing that song, somewhere crazy and get drunk.  I love The Fisher King.

JackOh “Jack”-– <SIGH>  He was so sweet–and it was such a sad story.  But I loved it. My boys loved him. He convinced us beyond a doubt he was a little boy.  We wanted to play with him too.  This was another barrier breaking role for him, at the time, and there were SO MANY films in which he broke barriers.  Too many moments for this blog.  But this one.. this one was special us.  He was just as much a little boy as you could ever see.  I cannot imagine where this man went in his psyche to play the roles he does so very well.

birdcageI could always watch this one, if it was on cable on a Saturday afternoon, and it almost always was (I haven’t had cable in a long while though, lol).  OH “The Birdcage.”  What a crazy-plot-that-would-never-happen-today.  That part aside, he was so cute, in this.. and it was an ironic surprise to see him play the straighter one of the two.  It was unexpected, but delightful.  The story.. yes, hokey hokey hokey.  Especially with Gene Hackman and omg Calista Flockhart.  Man, she was a source of inspiration I wasn’t really ready for when I religiously tuned into “Ally McBeal.” I loved that show.  But I didn’t necessary love her in this, but I love watching this movie.  Its cute, and heartwarming, in the weridest, south floridian way.

I wish, like so many other artists who died sad, that they could of absorbed the impact of who they were and what they did and relish in that.

Death to SmoochyThen we have “Death to Smoochy.” I was lucky enough to see this after my kids were older.. it might of really altered my naive view as a young parent.  None the less, it is a classic yet underrated Robin Williams film.  It changed the way I think not only about public television, but the world.  It was twisted and kind of freaky and probably right on the money.  I applaud them for their bold statement to us.  I’m sorry we didn’t take more action, but such is life.  You still rock.  That is my #5 Favorite Robin movie.



The the death of this man today, especially that it is highly speculated by his own self, is– dizzyingly bizarre, completely shameful and a huge blow to a world that thinks these kind of people win.  These good guys.

What kind of a world are we living in when Robin Williams kills himself?

It doesn’t compute.  I draw a blank.  Except I know this.  Its a known fact that the percentage of persons who commit suicide are far higher among the rich than the poor. If he did that–he took his life– then he was very unhappy.  Even the ones we “look up to” the most.. are flawed, sometimes really deeply.  Its hard to swallow.  But, it does makes you take a step back and recheck that my priorities are yes, in tact.

Also though, you start to realize that YOU are the only one YOU can count on. These celebrities, fads, etc., come and go.  Its up to you to love yourself, unconditionally. That is how you exercise these demons we all have that bring us down.  If we don’t.. eventually, they show up.  Sadly, I’m afraid they wouldn’t leave him alone, and he finally gave up.  If only he would of just tried to fight them, deal, and put them to bed.   That is the biggest mistake we make. We have to deal with our past to truly live happily in our future.

I hope everyone can learn something from his death.  I know he would want that too.

What are your favorite Robin Williams films?
How do you feel about his death?

Love and Encouragement–

My girl n me



3 thoughts on “I Love New York in June… How About You?

  1. Juli says:

    I am in total shock as well. What an incredible actor! The World According to Garp was my favorite in the 80’s…….I watched that many times as a teenager when it came out. I have hesitated watching it as an adult as I never wanted to lose that memory (I have a tendency to watch old favorite shows and movies and then feel disappointed when the same feelings aren’t there) I may have to revisit this one though.

    Probably my #1 film of his is Patch Adams. Love that movie! Watched it last night as a family (kids had never seen it) Becca wasn’t impressed…..not surprised lol Andy, my movie buff who had his own favorite (Worlds Greatest Dad) was hesitant at first as it didn’t get great reviews (“Mom, it got 23% on Rotton!”) I told him to give it a chance. He was glad he did…..really enjoyed it. What a fantastic movie……I fell in love with Robin Williams all over again.

    Co-incidentally Becca and I watched Jack last week and she was asking where else she had seen him…….that would be Mrs. Doubtfire – another classic in my opinion 🙂

    The world has lost a great man.

    Liked by 1 person

    • :))) I know what you mean about going back and watching a movie as you watched as a kid and not having the same feelings about it. That started for me with the whole “Santa Claus is coming to town” claymate movies. I can’t even get through them these days, let alone feel that magic. LOL.

      I’ll be curious to know if that happens to you with this one. GF,,, sigh.. I always wanted to live in a college town. Thank you for commenting.. and sharing in my sadness. When I read your comment I cried a little..Its such a shame. You know I first thought of Patch.. but then went on IMDb to get some history when getting ready to do this and I was… my God overwhelmed. Then realized there were so many favorites… And again today I remembered.. “GOOOOD MORNING VIETNAM” sigh..sigh.. sigh.

      But LOL funny your story on how Andy didn’t want to see it.. that reminds me of when I dragged the boys to see Shrek, kicking and screaming. Then the “All-stars” song comes on and total 360! Darn kids need to trust us.

      I’m so sorry he didn’t get the joy out of life that was probably there around him. But if nothing good comes from it, I hope the world pays better attention to the disease of depression.

      Thanks again buddy.


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