Does Time Really Heal All Wounds?

I used to believe that.  It used to be true.

Before you start reading this, please know this is a detour from my normal posts, and really directed at one person.  I’ve been really bothered lately and I’m getting sick of trying to ignore it, so I’m going to do what I do and write about it– I hope it helps.

If I could take one thing back, I’d never of accepted a friend request I got in early January, 2013.

It was the start of a complete waste of a year and a half of my life.

I’m sure he is reading these, (yes, he’s that big of a coward folks), I’d like to tell you this, NGRF  I believed in us, I believed in you.  In all the crap you said and the kind of man you pretended to be. How you could question me or wonder why I could love you and want to be with you, after all we shared, digital and together – and when we weren’t together but still connected–is completely SICK IN THE HEAD. After you knew the kind of person I REALLY am… its just incredible how horrible you were. How you could treat me as anything but the girl you were meant to be with is so beyond fucked up I don’t even know what to say.

But you are, beyond fucked up, aren’t you?  You “blocked” it all out, you forgot?  Well, you really didn’t— its EATING AWAY AT YOU, how STUPID you were and how miserable you are STILL.  But you like miserable.  I’ll NEVER KNOW why you were attracted to me, because who you are is completely nothing like me, I know now.

But yet today, because of that stupid connection, I feel your pain.  I DON”T DESERVE THAT.  Get your shit together dumbfuck.  GROW UP and do what you should of 8 months ago YOU COWARD!!  No, better yet, stay where your at and continue looking like the complete idiot you obviously are.  Yes, I see that now!!

You’ll never have the guts to face me, DO RIGHT BY ME, to be the man you “pretended” you were.  You will stay hidden in your cowardly little shell, so stay there.. and stop thinking about me, reading my blog, looking at my FB page by signing on with another log in (duh) cause I blocked you from any possible communication with me and just go live in your wonderful, rented home that fixed everything, right?? LMFAO!!!!!  I’m sure one day that house will show you the love you so desperately think your going to somehow get by being a pathetic martyr.

You’ll NEVER get anything from what I say, because you couldn’t listen when you actually had me around. You hurt my heart and soul more than anyone and you preyed on a very vulnerable woman in a horrible time in my life.  I hope you are proud of yourself.

I hope you break your leg and can’t run the Marathon, because I’m seriously considering not running it because I know  you will be there.  I wish I never met you, I GOT NOTHING GOOD FROM KNOWING YOU, and you are a very, very selfish pathetic human being.


I’d like to say I feel better, but I don’t.  Things shouldn’t of gone this way… its so sad how stupid people can be.  But I want to get past this.. I NEED TO.  I cannot live like this anymore.

To everyone else I apologize, and for the language.  I promise I will return to normal soon.

13 thoughts on “Does Time Really Heal All Wounds?

  1. Not sure if this will help, but it helped me get past the pain of having my ex decide to do something that I found unforgettable.

    Don’t forgive – there is a lesson to learn, you just have to find it for yourself. Each person will get their own lesson out the same circumstances, or the same story.

    However, what I have done that has made things turn around in my own head –

    “May my ex have all the happiness he can find. May he always want for nothing. May he find himself somewhere far, far from anyone else he can harm.”

    I mean that with an honest heart. I just wish everything to go “right” for him where he cannot harm others. (And, please note, I do not limit where that may be. Maybe in jail, maybe stuck out in some wilderness beyond his malignant reach to civilization. Because he is a cancer. Hopefully, a cancer contained now.)

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    • I just saw this K!! Sorry and thanks for sharing your thoughts. I hope to feel that way someday.. but sadly, I know he loves me still, but is not the man he could be. Its… just so messed up and hurts still. I’m not the kind of person that hangs on, you know? I should be over and on to the next one by now and its really frustrating. But it is a little less frustrating because I wrote this, at least. I hope one day, I can feel that forgiveness, because I am not a person who EVER holds grudges. What do you do when you met your soulmate at the wrong time?


  2. Well, I can only suggest to you that forgiveness is far more powerful a force than anger or revenge. It removes the pain when you let that person go, forgive them for the pain they caused you. It is truly liberating. It’s worked for me in many ways. Powerful ways. Forgive, forget and invest no more emotional energy trying to get him to comply with your wishes. Be free.

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    • :)) Thank you Chris… (ironically that is his name). Well, its a long story…. one that maybe isn’t over. Maybe I’ll forgive him someday, funny, that’s a lot easier when there isn’t any feelings left. Unfortunately, there are. Thanks so much though for commenting, this and one other were by far my hardest posts. But I had to get it out, you know?


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