Breaking Mundane

The world can be a really neat place sometimes.  You just got to take a a break and look around and see what’s going on.

Everybody needs a break from the mundane now and again, and my normal is pretty mundane. Today was definitely breaking mundane (like that, lol? I just thought of it). You know, it can get the mind thinking and the creativity going.  Heh Heh.. and I’d say that it did.

Here’s the rest of my unmundane day….

As I walked around the carnival area today through and among the dedicated groups of people partaking in erecting this party, I felt like I was witnessing the systematic construction of an electric fantasyland.

I instantly thought of the movie Toy Story, (cause I do that) wondering if these massive machines and converted trailers just might be excited for the party to start too.

Watching them unfolded and shaped into things that will create pleasure, fun and joy; getting all set up and getting ready to be used, cherished and part of wonderful fun memories made. The cotton candy is being puffed, the popcorn is being popped. Tables and chairs and umbrellas and Tents. The final touches are being placed.  I can almost feel the excitement yet to be even had.  I can’t help but think they might be excited too.  If some electric fantasyland plane exists where they have feelings and thoughts and care… that is.

Tonight these machines toys, games, food and ticket dispenseries will be all in their glory. Glowing bright and shining as far as the eyes can see; flashing lights, sounds, smells….the center of attention!  

For now they sit- waiting so still, yet inside anxiously awaiting the joys, screams and laughter they will invoke for boys and girls of all ages.  Also praying it won’t rain.

Confession: I once worked at a carnival, yes, I wouldn’t make that up. I ran away in high school with a boy who’d done the same and had a job at one that was doing local areas.  It was very weird, I slept in a hotel with a bunch of stinky guys and I quit after a day and went home and got in trouble, lmao. I have to say, carnival workers work very hard for very little.  Don’t do it, its nothing like the fantasy.

Umm.. you know, the one where you run away and join a carnival with your boyfriend and its romantic?? 😛

Which also makes me kind of afraid of riding some of the more.. ~risque~ rides, if you will.  I mean, these guys setting these up are not exactly engineers.  Just saying.   Nothing against them, but hey- I partied with you all once so I do know what really goes on.

By this time now the show has begun.

The streets are filled with families, fun and laughter.. and the machines are shining bright, loud and brilliant.  I’m sure it’s quite a sight, and that all the rides, games, stuffed animals and the like are feeling really good right now.

Have a great night. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Breaking Mundane

    • Wow, that is so encouraging, thank you for taking time to tell me that. I will definitely do that, from what I saw at a glance, you are definitely very original and creative and that is a great thing.. when I have time later I will check out more. Thanks again. 🙂


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