Galaxian Inspirations.. Next Stop, Mars

Totally digging this song these days.. its really powerful, even though it doesn’t have enough lyrics in my opinion.  So inspiring..

“You and I never die its a dark embrace.. in the beginning it was a life of a dawning age- that time can never change”

Something like that… but wow, that’s a feeling I know.  Really cool though and I had no idea Jared Leto was in a band or sung..I am a grand mom still.

Rock on people.

Have a great Saturday Night.

A 3

3 thoughts on “Galaxian Inspirations.. Next Stop, Mars

  1. You asked for advice about categories and tags – from a WordPress technical point of view they are the same (yes!) – and I would think long and hard about categories that you are likely to write in and stick with those – maybe half a dozen categories – broad enough that posts will fit in them – For example, ‘environment’, ‘film reviews’ – or whatever.

    Because what you don’t want is lots and lots of categories and only one post per category. What you do want is a whole bunch of posts in each of a few categories.

    And unless there is a good reason, only put a post in one category – not two or three. And I am not big on tags. I know they help other bloggers find your posts – but only if the tags are something they are looking for – (a bit like searching on Google) – and who is going to be looking for a tag like ‘aunt’ ?

    So I only use tags for things like camera models (Fuji X100s) that I write about – or writers – ‘Aldous Huxley’ – and for the rest I don’t bother. (I know, it’s heresy…)

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    • Do you know someone came to my site after typing in:

      stigma highland park il depression shed run

      All together like that. Idk if that’s effect tagging or what, but I’m still trying to figure it all out here so i don’t even know how to tag.. I feel like I’m all over the place, not structured. Thanks for the comments though I will definitely work on my categories.


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