My First Blog Award

one-lovely-blog1As I try to sort my life, blog and purpose out, I’m a bit floored but so very proud that this wonderful blog that I love, TAKESHI’S FLIGHT, nominated me for this award. Her blog is thoughtful, honest and true, beautiful and full of wonder and she comes from so far away from me.  It puts my world in a new perspective, having these special writing friends all over the world, like her. Please take time and check out her blog, you’ll be awed. We are all the same in our writing world, just in different places. Thank you so very much Sueju Takeshi, I am very grateful and will try hard to live up to this honor.

Now, I must pass on this honor and so I eagerly do!  To the people I have nominated below, here are the rules upon accepting this awesome award:
  1. Thank the person who has nominated you. Provide a link to his/her blog.
  2. List the rules and display the award image.
  3. Include 7 facts about yourself.
  4. Nominate 15 other bloggers and let them know that they have been nominated.  This is a way to introduce others to bloggers that you love.
  5. Display the award logo and follow the blogger who nominated you.
Okay, so here are 7 facts about me:
  • I’m adopted since birth.  I’ve never met my birth parents and I’m okay with that. Growing up, I felt a lot of insecurities about being adopted, rejection and what family is, which I have made peace with today and it was so freeing.
  • I’m English, Dutch and American Indian, and I have bad teeth, a love for running in the rain, a mad passion for tea, a taste (that I curb, most of the time) for that green stuff that’s legal in Amsterdam, and I love the outdoors, nature, animals and peace. So adopted or not, my heritage shines through me and is me.
  • I was a very sick child and spent quite a lot of time in the hospital getting surgeries at least once a year for the first 12 years of my life. Today I am a very healthy adult, but I cannot hear out of one ear and have never been underwater, because of the ear.  Also, I have a seizure disorder.  As long as I eat right, avoid stress and take care of myself, I don’t have them very often anymore.  But they are painful and scary.
  • I’ve always wanted to be a writer and always knew inside I would write a book (which I have not yet, but it’s coming soon, I can feel it). But up until this blog, I wrote and wrote and never showed a soul. I have a Rubbermaid container full of work that hasn’t been seen by anyone but me, from age 7 years old. I never had the confidence or esteem to put it out there, and I did have a horrible fear of rejection.  I’ve finally conquered that fear.. lol, if you can’t tell.
  • I got divorced when my youngest son was 5. I have raised both my sons alone, with very little help from their dad financially and even less physically. I am very proud of that, because I am a strong, independent woman with some mad skills I wouldn’t have if I had a man around back then to do everything (not that I didn’t want one).
  • I want to be on the show Survivor. I have been fascinated by the show since the first season, not the competition part, but the social game. Up until I did my work on myself, I would never have considered doing this and would have been voted off probably right away. The physical changes I’ve made are nothing compared to the mental ones, and now, I’m ready, and think I actually could take it all. I just have to make the tape and send it in.
  • More than anything else, I do want to be married and in love again. I never remarried after my divorce; instead I focused on raising those boys, since I had to do it alone. This is probably the hardest goal I cannot reach, but I’m not a settler and so I still wait and hope.

So Now for the best part!!  My nominations (as I post these, in my head I hear the nominations being read Oscar style, and to me it’s that exciting). Also I want to say I have more than 15 listed. I’m a rule breaker (#8 thing you might not know about me 😉 ) and I have a feeling some of you have already received this award, but no worries!

I am honored to be among each one of you, your work is beautiful, inspiring and bold and I thank each one of you for your support, honesty and realness both in your blog and to me personally. You inspire, challenge and better me everyday. Thank you, thank you thank you. If you are not listed, then I know you were already nominated and two who come to mind quickly are Margaret and Jason.  Here are my nominations in no particular order:

  1. Pukah Works
  2. Nine Apple Trees 
  3. Trying to Make Things Right
  4. Women, Each One a Survivor
  5. Dish with Mish
  6. Russian Artist 
  7. Stefan’s Gourmet Blog
  8. Rethinking Life
  9. Rantsometimes
  10. Purple Rays
  11. Prince Charming Isn’t Here
  12. Annabelle Franklin, Author
  13. The Compleat Netizen
  14. Craves Adventure
  15. Belle of the Carnival 
  16. Da Realz Talk
  17. We Run and Ride
  18. Sexpections89
  19. Mommy Lives Clean
  20. Life’s Daily Dose
  21. The Journal

This was my first award, and I’m so glad to pass on the love I feel right now.  Thanks all!


16 thoughts on “My First Blog Award

  1. Well we all have our closets, huh? And its why I must share, like yourself.. cause i want every person who feels that way to not waste years of their life learning what I know, if I can help it. But you so rock too girl and I cannot tell you what your honesty on your blog means to me… I been there too, if you know what I mean.


    • Wow… thank you for saying that.. and you make my day- with your comments and your support- it has been invaluable as I dipped my feet in the blog pool. Know that you make a difference to those who need it friend. You probably deserve 10 of these 😉

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you so much for the nomination. Just read your info and I hope I do this correctly. I will do my best! Still quite new to the blog world and really don’t know much about these awards but I’m sure I can figure it all out and I’ll have it posted later today. I appreciate your kindness my friend! 🙂 Peace out


    • Let me know if you need any help!! I am new too and figured it out so you will too. I do love your blog, but for now I avoid any articles relating to sex cause … I’m not getting any damn it! But you rock lady and your support too has been invaluable to my growth, thank you.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I did it, however, now I’m in the process of letting my nominees know. When I add my link to the post it keeps saying, Blog under construction. I’ve tried deleting that page but it still appears. I guess I’ll just send them to my blog another way! So confusing! LOL


  3. I understand the rubber maid container I have a whole box somewhere in the house and have not looked at any of it in years. I think would be fun to see what my seven year old self had written – it would make for a good weekend chuckle.


  4. Thank you so much for the nomination!! I just sat there with my mouth open when I saw that you had nominated me. I am honored, truly. I enjoy your blog immensely. I hear your loneliness about not being married…..Just be sure to keep your eyes and heart open……..Thank you again!


    • Tammi… you too have been so supportive I cannot tell you how much I feel blessed. The name of your blog… is so right on. Every like and comment you have made has fueled me, you cannot know. I get down thinking I’m wasting my time that I’m just writing gibberish, and there’s Tammi with a like and nice comment. I’m unworthy and so grateful. You are so worth this award, and the many more you will receive in the future as you change lives too.


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