A Stab at the Poetic

The Daily Cycle of Thoughts


You were a coward and I should laugh at you.

But still, I miss you.

When we were together, we were nothing but happy.

Every single moment, every single time.

But still, you hid.

And still, I miss you.

You aren’t good enough for me, even though you have a PhD.

And still, I miss you.

I walk out of my home every day, secretly hoping you will be there, waiting to tell me you will never leave again.

But still, you aren’t there.

When I asked, you say it was real.  I still don’t believe you.

And still I miss you.

I loathe you for your pathetic attachment to such a sad human being.

But still, I miss you.

I long for you at night, and try so hard to shut it out.

But still, you hide.

If I really hated you, I think you’d probably follow me around like a puppy.

You must really hate yourself.

I hope one day you see it was not me that was flawed for loving you,

but you that was flawed for not loving you.

And still I miss you.

Still there lies the open wound burning.

2 thoughts on “A Stab at the Poetic

    • Wow… you rock friend, and I do very much accept… and am humbled again… this crazy week has been such an emotional overload.. I’m so glad to have my kind there for me and am still kind of awestruck you guys think I am one of you. Thank you so much again.

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