Cutting Cherry Tomatoes the Easy Way

An awesomeLift the top and.. Volia.  That easy. blogger friend Mommy Lives Clean wrote a great article about homemade tomato soup (which I normally don’t care for either) and was mentioning how long it took for her to cut the cherry tomatoes and I remembered somewhere a trick I learned once. I tried to describe it in a reply but it was hard… so today per her response, I’m posting these pics. I hope this is a better explanation chick.

Hope this helped, it was kind of hard to do that step 3 shot too but I hope you get the jist.  I usually use a serrated knife with tomatoes cause mine aren’t sharp enough I’m bad like that. Hey! Anyone around who wants to send me some soup is more than welcome! Now I just got to figure out what to do with these tomatoes… maybe I’ll hit Stefan’s Gourmet Blog..

Hope you are having a great Saturday.


21 thoughts on “Cutting Cherry Tomatoes the Easy Way

  1. I don’t understand those phtos, but, since I eat only beefsteak tomatoes anyway, no worries. Have yourself a little tomato salad with some coarsely chopped and separated Spanish onion and a little oil (no vinegar needed with tomatoes, as you probably know).

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    • Did you read the captions underneath? Here in IL Cherry Tomatoes did very well this year. Its a lot of work to do so this helps. But if it still doesn’t make sense let me know cause it makes sense to me and that doesn’t always mean anything. Click on the first pic and view it on the slide and read the captions and let me know okay guy?


  2. I read it and I’ve got it. 🙂 Living by the woods is a nuisance in the north country here because bears raid the trash bins outside so they have to be locked. The problem became horrible a few years ago when they cancelled the spring bear hunt for one season and the bears had what one comedian called “a copulation explosion.”

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    • Wow. I’ve seen them in WI but luckily we only have coyotes and they are afraid of Max so we are always good. Finding onion plants though.. ugh more google search. And I still haven’t even gotten through all my comments and my reader yet. I could be glued to this thing for the next 24 hours I think. Uh oh. Thanks guy. :))))


      • I’m guessing that Max is somewhat bigger and meaner than a coyote. I actually encountered a coyote in the driveway of an old residence around Christmas 2007. It stood there and looked at me for a second, then jumped over a five-food snowbank and I never saw it again.

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      • Actually, hes the same size. But they tend to only go for littler dogs. We’ve been walking our woods for about 5 years and then running in them for 3 early days and evenings too. The first sighting was 3 years into our walks and only because as we were following the tracks out I turned around and saw one cross the tracks. He must of waited for us to pass. Then a year or so later when it was winter, there were two ahead of us as I was running a long run. They weren’t so easily scared, but they did keep their distance. I think they are more like hyenas.. sneaky bottom feeders.


    • Lol wow thanks…and sorry no I live in Illinois but I am very Wisconsin at heart.. spent every summer as a kid on an island called “Washington Island” in the middle of Lake Michigan at the tip of Door County. My parents used to have property on it too. One summer we were in the junkyard collecting cans when bears came along.. a little scary. Sorry to disappoint you there though, can’t wait to here how it goes for you.. it took me literally 2 minutes to shoot those pics. Its one of those “sheesh why didn’t I think of that” things..


      • Made a batch of tomato sauce yesterday using the technique and I’m off to gather another pound of cherry tomatoes from the garden this morning to continue with round two. Twas a grand success!
        And I love Washington Island–and my brother lives in DC. No worries about the IL address–you’re still totally up there in my book as people from the Midwest are a grand bunch of folk. Cheers, Laura!

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      • So glad to hear!! And I get chills knowing people out there know of that very very special place to me. Hee hee, Illinois does get a bad rap– especially to Wisconsiners and football fans of the same. While I have no real interest in football, I’ve argued many times if I chose a team it is the Packers.. simply because they are the only team in the NFL that the city members have a monetary stake in and reap the benefits of the thousand upon thousands of dollars wasted a bunch of men bashing each other in tights. The rest of us are making some guy rich. Have a great day and boy I bet cherry tomato sauce is so sweet and heavenly. On my list of buckets is canning fresh harvests (I have a kit sitting on a shelf), so I’m envious (if that’s what you do after you cook, I’m taking a guess). If so, it might make a great post, at least to me, so consider share/posting, just for fun, if you find time.


    • Well I’m so glad you finally saw it, because it was really for you. Its not hard at all, what I did, but thank you for the encouraging comment all the same. It took a long time to remember daily that I have a camera on my phone and should be using it constantly. Now my problem is that I fill it up so quickly with pictures I’m afraid its going to smoke and explode one of these days. Which reminds me I have to find the cord to plug it into my computer so I can lighten its load once again from my adventures this weekend.


  3. Beth says:

    I wondered how your blog might change after chatting with Diana. I particularly like the way you have it set up now, but I never saw it before.

    Keep the language clean. Public (like a frog) language offends some who might otherwise follow you, and there are real words out there to describe how you feel. Words have shades of meaning so don’t limit yourself to what you hear from day to day.

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    • Thank you Beth, I really value honest feedback, because I am growing and changing everyday I am finally doing what I was always meant to. You are absoultely correct about both points. As far as they both go with me, I do try to keep the language down but – like one post particularly, I tried to apologize for it but it was my heart speaking to another. On your second wonderful bit of feedback, my head starts to hurt when I’m editing for the 150th time, commenting, reading other blogs and keeping up with my other social media committments, so I take the lazy way out, I agree. I think the longer I continue this, meet people like you, Diana and so many wonderful spirits, my prose will flow as beautifully as I see this world to be. But also, and I don’t know if this is just my head excusing myself, I want to keep my blog me, for people to know I am just a regular chick.. girl.. woman.. human..friend… and when I write that way (coming to mind “chickie,” “you rock” oh, phrases like that) I’m writing how I would speak. It does come off as simplistic and I owe to myself to challenge my brain harder.. to find a way to let the reader know I’m a down to earth girl, but with class. Thank you so much Beth. See? Already I grow.. I knew that would happen. Funny thing too.. If I went to India.. I know I would of probably written the almost exact same blog. Very very touching….


      • Please, in the future,do not hesitate to slap me silly with valuable feedback. I do have a mission, and I don’t want it to get lost in simplicity. I may not always follow it because I can be headstrong too, but I will always listen.

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  4. Beth says:

    Of course my comments are meant to be taken like medicine with a big glass of water. ❤

    I keep remembering an English teacher in college who said he would fail anyone who used a four letter word where a more descriptive one could do better. He himself was not particularly religious, so his comment was not from that perspective. He convinced me that such language was from a lazy brain.

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    • Wow!! How did I ever get so lucky to have someone as obviously brilliant as you are pay any attention to little small me? I don’t even want to know, I will happily just embrace it. That was powerful… and you know what? Your professor was right. Im so glad you passed that on to me, it was so right on. And, this medicine I’m taking with a smile. ( How was that? Instead of “you rock? 😉 )

      And yes, it is my lazy brain. The one that got C’s without ever opening a book or studying in school. Except for English and Art. That I could get B’s and A’s in without ever studying. Lazy Laura comes out often now, and I know I’ve got to do the work I should have back then. I just have to find a way to do it without it consuming my entire life. I’m so inspired… but my head feels like my web browser looks, which at this moment I have 25 tabs open… and there are only 24 hours in a day.


  5. There is an amazing connection here. I was an English major in college with an art minor. Only one catch: I have always had trouble with spelling. I began 1st grade during an era when phonics was taboo. We learned to read and spell one-word-at-a-time. Life is not long enough to do it that way.

    When I taught public high school, I gave my kids permission to correct me in class if: 1) they could prove my mistaken spelling in a dictionary and 2) if they were nice about it. Having those two qualifications gave them two extra points on that day’s score. Gotta’ love kids. BTW, you are welcome to correct errors you find on my blog if you are nice about it. ❤ 😉

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