It’s No Coincidence You are Reading this

I have finally picked a side on a topic debated for generations by academics, scientists, clergymen, lovers, friends, water cooler and teenage conversations alike. I also say boldly that my side is the correct one. I have the answer. I know this now for certain like I know how to breathe.  I claim no PhD, nor to know it all, just a regular woman figuring it out knowing she has a mission, like many of you reading. I’m certain my friends and those around me lately think I’ve gone off half cocked, as I stumbled around figuring it out. They’ll be okay though. The knowledge that I’ve found in knowing this answer means that I am, for certain, where I belong, and am only going to do more good things than I ever thought possible.  At this moment my head aches so badly from all the directions and lights shed, and fear I’ll never have enough time to pursue it all, but that even I know I’ll get it organized too with and it will be okay. <Deep breaths>. <Breathe in, Breathe out>. Yes, its heavy.

So, before I ramble any further, here is that question everyone wants to know:

Do things happen in our lives coincidentally, or is there a reason for everything?

My life has been altered so dramatically in even the last few weeks- as I’m finally getting my true vision in focus.  45 years of searching for this, and it has finally come to an almost perfect clear vision. While, like my blog I have yet to categorize and tag it properly, I see now my purpose exact.  As I went along with all these things happening, I was having almost flashback like moments to every memory my brain holds.  Every person who’s came in and out of my life, every moment dared, dreamed, savored and wasted, every mistake and choice I made.  None of it, not one bit, was a coincidence. I seed you today with the crazy notion that you as well are not living a life wasted, and that there are no coincidences in your life too.

My boss/pastor, that you met yesterday on my post about confronting love, and I, were having our usual life conversation this week and I was trying to put my experiences in words.  As I was finding the right words, it was as though my life flashed before my eyes, and it all arose to clarity.

You may not know that my mom has been very sick for some time.  We had a HUGE scare this week, as she was hospitalized again.  We thought this was it, she was going to die, and the first thing I did was to phone our family Pastor (not my boss/pastor) to ask her to reach out to them, something I’d forgotten to do in the past scares. Our family Pastor is a newer member to the clergy, though not young and is finding her way too. As we spoke in that surreal life moment we all dread to have to face, she struggled for  words of comfort for me.  She stumbled, caught off guard, and then began to cite references from, thanks to my boss/pastor I realized I knew all too well, her training in the seminary about the 7 phases of death guide, or something like that. Its a tool for the clergy when aiding a family through a horrible time. Out my lips without any thought I stopped her mid sentence. I knew how hard it was for her as she’s not done this that often, thank goodness, and told her that she did not need to go on, or comfort me, that I was okay and her efforts were spent better having time to process and find the right words for my dad and sister. That’s a Pastor’s assistant thing to do, to keep them above water, and I realized I am one of those. But it was one of many moments that happened to me in the last weeks that contributed to what I was trying to explain to my pastor/boss during our talk.

As I stumbled to put it into words for him, that moment, and others, came to vision as I spoke. I then saw the connections floating around in my head yet to surface until, I suppose, I was ready to see it. Every single thing that has ever happened to me over my 45 years on this earth, every wish I’ve had, path I’ve gone on, dumb tv show I watched, every person bad and good in my life and past, every moment, every decision, every event– planned and unplanned, directly and indirectly was not a coincidence. There are none. There is always a reason.

I ask not of the reader to put a name on it. I’ve been clear I am not here to convert.  I have my beliefs and wish not to argue them or force it on anyone. My mission does not discriminate based on beliefs.  It could be God, the Universe or something we know not yet. My purpose is only to educate and help anyone through what my life has consisted of.  But it starts, for me, and for those students, with the certainity that nothing was a coincidence in your life. My hope is that anyone who wants to start living their lives to the fullest, best most rewarding uplifting truth to learn, and a lot sooner than it took me if I can help it.

My favorite Author, Stephen King, stated in his book “On Writing,” something that floated around in my head stuck forever as I read it when it was first published and over and over again.  I always felt in my heart I needed to be a writer, and the line that’s been stuck in here was to “write what you know.”

So I did. Ever so slowly, I’m blessed to truly understand it now, what that advice means to me. As I’ve stumbled around in doing this blog, by heeding that advice, soul searching, seeking. receiving and treasuring valuable feedback graced to me of not coincidental means propelled the understanding like a rocket.  I found the answer to that question and I know what to do now. Its quite a relief, I must add. Infact, Its so comforting you cannot even imagine.

I say to you.. you can make a difference, you can change the world. You can plant seeds, and they will grow.  You can speak the truth and know your words are not falling on deaf ears, even if you can’t hear it.

Because there are no coincidences, everything happens for a reason, and you have a purpose too.

Happy Friday.  I hope I finally got this out right, and it makes sense.  If you are wondering, my mom is doing better, 3 dialysis’s later. I’m leaving to get the grand baby soon and try hard not to think too much more, just play with her and absorb this miracle in my life.  The baby and the answer.

I invite all thoughts and debates in the comments. It only grows us closer and stronger in our quests.

Love, uplift and encouragement to all.


A 3


14 thoughts on “It’s No Coincidence You are Reading this

    • Hi again, I had to run before. All I’d like to to say to you is in your comment. You can’t see it. Its inside. Look inside.

      Oh, and while there will be some wonderful debates with you I am sure in the future and I so look forward to those, this is not one of those times, and I hope that doesn’t come across wrong. Nothing in any book or reference would change what I’ve felt and know so solidly now. However, I do hope somehow I can help you feel it too. You deserve all the happiness in the world, and are no better or worse.


    • Thank you and again so glad the message came across. I hope SOA was good, and that you dont beat yourself up for your block. Just read on, live life, enjoy and relax and the inspirations will hit again. I think I might have to start audio or video recording ideas when they come, so when that time hits me, like yourself, I can go back hear my thoughts and maybe it will start the triggers. I mean, it either comes from all directions, or none. I hate that.


  1. Understanding is not an easy thing to have, nor is it an easy path to walk. It can be years after an event before understanding of just WHY that event happened (good or bad) happened when it did. Some call it enlightenment, some just accept it for what it is, and try to live for the “now”.

    You have an amazing way with explaining the hard things in terms almost anyone could understand who is on the cusp of understanding, and a wonderfully gentle hand in guiding them through that same understanding.

    Keep up the awesome work, because every time you add a piece of understanding, you are slowly eroding the darkness that is trying to surround and isolate us into individuals. The light of understanding is what makes us a group and lets us be more than the sum of our individual parts or abilities.

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    • Wow K… I had to go get baby and to the hospital and by the time I finally got her bathed, fed and in bed, I almost dreaded looking because I thought it just all must sound crazy. Sigh…. and you say something so powerfully moving to me and through my exhaustion I’m once again feeling elated. Hee hee,, maybe even comical now (or crazy, I do think I understand now why PhDs are, I really do). Coincidence?? Lmao… I’ll be connecting with you ppbly on FB as soon as I get through all the paperwork. Much thanks for the so needed lift.


      • P.S. I should be up late, I made the hard choice to not go to the funeral tomorrow… I have a lot to process with mom.. its complex and two other jobs tomorrow too. Hard decision.


      • Quite welcome, and glad my words were a lift for your flagging spirits.

        Not comical, at least not in the sense that what you are saying is garbled. If there is humor, it is because we are laughing WITH you, not laughing AT you.

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  2. Leslie says:

    Sorry. I can’t agree at all. Because while it may seem like most things happen for a reason…There is no reason on God’s green earth for Kira’s murder. I’m just never going to see that as a necessary thing in a grand design on life. Nope. Never. Nada.

    Love ya! Xxoo

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    • I know. As I said to you on Facebook, your mother’s words to me continually haunted me as I blogged on. I knew this would be hard to bear for you guys. I pray, as what I believe is God leading me forward, that through all I said to you in my comments on Facebook and all that I will continue to write in the future, and completely influenced (though I already was before, when I wrote this as I said) by that horrible, unfair, tragic thing that was only one of two things that 5 of the most wonderful people that have been put in my life have to bear. I fear that my words could in any way alter our relationship. I fear I hurt people that I love so dear, that I call family. But that is not my intention. That is not what this is about. This is about taking what life throws at us, bad and good, connecting it together, and doing something great with your life, instead of letting your life hold you back. Every person in this universe has a story. Some are horribly worse than others, yet bare their truths and share with the world their pains to try to stop it from happening again. My post on Uniting Women, that blogger, who was sexual abused, became an escort, and God only knows what else, is a blogger on here, trying to help women not make her same mistakes. I do not say that dismiissing your pain. I say that to contrast that you can continue to ask why, or you can start taking the horrible and making a difference, in the name of KIRA, so that the next KIRA doesn’t die. Because without a shadow of a doubt,I know, as an outside observer viewing everything neutrally and without anger, something no one should ever expect of all of you, the angel in heaven named Kira would want that.


      • Also, you Leslie, have been one of my biggest supporters, in the real world To lose you would be to lose a chunk of my heart. You are my friend. Beyond all other connections, I’m a better person today because you are in it. So I hope to God, you can see past my flaws, that, while I do hope someday my efforts writing can garner me living wage, this is not to further myself. I have a call to help further the world. I’m making sense of that call, one step at a time. I’m going to make mistakes, I’m going to inadventantly send the wrong message, as if you think back to a Instagram stretching pic now deleted from every social media, I’m still learning. I boast no knowledge I cannot learn from others knowledge that trumps my own. We are all in this together, I promise. You are very much alllowed to disagree with my post till the day you die. I will NEVER ask you or anyone in your family to agree. I will only ask that you try to allow me, through my mistakes, try to better the world and not take anything I say to heart, unless it betters you.


  3. Leslie says:

    You could never push me out of your life just by expressing thoughts. Everyone is allowed to think what they evolve to see. It’s the discussion & dialog continuing and respectful of our differences that make us better, more whole people. Able to continue to evolve.

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Any questions, perspective, and comments are warmly welcomed.. I swear! Good and bad, its about growing and learning and getting better. I'd love to hear your thoughts, anytime. ;)

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