Moments of Pain

Moments of pain… oh those moments.  They can take us from the highest highs and put us right back down to earth, and sometimes, put us in the ground. As much as I try, I am not above getting hurt by people. I guess that’s an impossible thing to do.  

The someone I mention vaguely at times and very directly at others, throughout this blog, left me again amidst the rubble and ash, searching for why and looking for some signs that it will be okay.  At this moment, it sure doesn’t feel that way. I feel voiceless, destroyed and the wound ripped open even further.

A time in my life, when though I have so much else I’m trying to balance, he texted me a week ago so unexpectedly. I had given up prior and finally felt like I was healing and growing.  We talked and he clarified that he still was the man I thought, my soul mate, and hurting without me. After the call, I tried so hard to handle it differently, with the new strength I’ve found since and some sage advice given.  But the burdens of the week and the past few months came fledging on me so hard, meanwhile trying to help every single person around me that asks for my help. Though the phone call tore the guarding walls I had up back down, he reverted back to that vague self, texting me not what I wanted to hear, and my lack of response further he texted me with words of hating him and his life finally changing not of love for me but of loss of a job. It angered me like no other as I was going to the hospital hoping my mom was still alive and I shared all my burdens in a long rant.  I gave him a lot of confronting love. He didn’t respond.

As the week went on, I threw a few more angered seeds at him with my new-found voice, hoping to light a fire finally and having no more patience to play games.  I’ve been walking through life these days, hurting so much, there have been times its almost too much. I just wanted him to be there and let me fall into his arms so I can finally feel loved back, strength and signs that I too, will get rewarded as I am deserving of. I told him that, in many ways and many words.

I couldn’t be strong enough to just receive whatever he could give, and I begged through those confronting words to just be my strength for once, to let it all down and help me. To keep me up just a little more so I can continue on doing what I finally think I’m suppose to, and have found my voice at last,  though have so many burdens on me I can barely stand up.

So now I’m left once again, right back where I was before, the last time he hurt me, and I cannot see the person I was yesterday, the beautiful writer, before his killing texts last night and this morning, destroyed all that hope, all the good things I thought would finally come to me for trying to be a good person.

It’s a moment of pain, but though my life was carrying on, in some ways better, and others worse, it’s a moment of deep affliction and a death. I hope one day I can figure it all out.  I hope by writing these words, they’ll help me in someway figure it out.  If I can just believe that hope exists again.

8 thoughts on “Moments of Pain

  1. “I just wanted him to be there and let me fall into his arms so I can finally feel loved back, strength and signs that I too, will get rewarded as I am deserving of.” This is all we want. But we don’t know their – anyone’s – unfiltered story. We WANT, we wANt, we LONG, we imAgine they could be a certain way (our hero) but they might be limping just as we are from fears and wounds that had taken root even before we entered their narrative.

    It’s hard when we love and our hopes bleed all over our feet. Don’t put all your eggs in anyone’s basket, at least until the ring’s on your finger and you both have said you DO.


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    • You are right, as always, and I know now more than ever he is incapable of that right now. You are more right than you know.. I know what he’s going through, and it was hard to take my selfish needs out of the equation. I was almost ready to drop. I say that with sincerity, though your words do remind me of that. I am again humbled, and yet stronger, if that makes sense. I wish I could have done so much differently, but, as I have professed that I cannot excuse myself from, there’s a reason. That I learned this, that I must go on, and that I am strong on my own. In between my email and now, my mom is struggling worse. But don’t worry I’m okay, I have to be the strong one and through my writing, through your help, and a connection I made with a mutal friend from India, the words you’ve both unlocked not only help me to write, but will help me to give words of comfort to not only people that surround the recent death of a friend (in my next article after that) but what I’m beginning to believe is also my mothers’ time coming. Also, your words today help me to find the forgiveness I couldn’t feel to him, whether I ever see him again or not. So, again, I must say you’ve made a difference and your time not wasted. Thank you friend.


Any questions, perspective, and comments are warmly welcomed.. I swear! Good and bad, its about growing and learning and getting better. I'd love to hear your thoughts, anytime. ;)

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