This Blog is NOT about Me and I’m Grateful

Maybe I’m getting better with titles, because I’m sure it caught someLaura 2 eyes. as yes, my blog is all about me and it isn’t.  I’m coming to the clarity that what I write, though all about me is the best way for me to get the messages out, and help those who need any guidance or advice or just something amusing to read. This blog is “My Journey.”  Its a pivotal realization. Through week of harsh lessons, opinions, and writing my first fictional story ever, (based on fact and really to say “I get it, and thank you for being in my life when you were” to a special man I had not nearly enough time with in a cheesy way he’d get), I can feel that I’m getting closer, and its only Thursday.

I’m grateful after finally being “offended” (which I swore he wouldn’t do) by a young blogger man who is so much wiser than I gave credit. Today as I scroll my reader I think I’m pulling the lessons I need that only he could give in his unique way.  I’m glad I only “unfollowed” him for 12 hours and that we remain friends. He’s taken a lot of his own time to help me and I am unworthy but I’m learning.

I’m grateful for the lessons my “teacher” throws at me, because this will be my shortest article ever, and maybe properly bolded. Through doing that, I will find the time management skills I need to do it all and succeed at my dreams.

I’m grateful I had a great nights sleep for once, actual showered & dried my hair and look nice at work today. Tomorrow we celebrate the life of that dear woman I wrote about last Sunday.  I am prepared, though bombarded with work today.

Thanks for all the lessons all those out there give me, harshly, subtly, opinionated and without words. I can promise to continue take it in, leave my ego at the door, and do my best through my blog, which I do realize IS all about me and isn’t. 😉  

Hope your day is going well.


Laura 1


4 thoughts on “This Blog is NOT about Me and I’m Grateful

  1. See, I told you you needed to get some sleep last night. Glad you listened. Shame I didn’t listen to me, too. Now, I’m dragging and still have a night class to survive before I can call it quits for the day.

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Any questions, perspective, and comments are warmly welcomed.. I swear! Good and bad, its about growing and learning and getting better. I'd love to hear your thoughts, anytime. ;)

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