Happy 100th Post to Me

Well, technically this post is number 101, (I forgot and reposted another bloggers post- par for the course for the evening portion of the day). For some bloggers maybe a mere fraction of their achievements, but for this one a huge mountain I’ve overcome.

I picked this blog back up back in July of this year, then I had only a total of nine posts, written two years ago by a girl with a dream to run a marathon and show the world healthy eating and living. Today, three months back into my blog, many races and a marathon finished, I wrote 89 more posts and 3 reblogs. But even more so, I evolved my blog mission, my life purpose and my writing, organizational and time-management skills. Oh, and I became a writer a dream I’d never thought I’d see come to fruition. It really is a huge celebration for me.

download (1)When you have a day like mine was when I left off last, you think its only going to get better, or it can’t get worse in a “nothing can go wrong” way. But things did go wrong later today, Things got worse and I started getting really down (I’m sure I was worn out too). But I hung on, rode it out, and can say I ended it on a high note and I’m encouraged again. I can’t say that about every day that goes wrong. But a couple little moments, “signs” if you will, brought me back up.

While at my parents visiting (my mom is home now, thank God), Arya and I sat outside and watched their neighbors boys play basketball. The two brothers are about 7 years apart, maybe 8 and 14 years old, and the elder being least two feet taller. He was merciless to his little brother, flying by him slamming dunks, winning every game, but through it all, though beaten to a pulp,the little brother kept smiling.  So sweet, and never discouraged. He truly enjoyed his brother’s slam dunks and three-pointers, though never winning a single game. It was a beautiful sight and sign.  Of course Arya and I cheered him on, as we are underdog lovers. He smiled at that too, and would look to see if we were watching.

I also promised my neighbor, she herself feeling down after someone stole her catalytic happy101converter from her car, that I’d hang and talk tonight after Arya went to bed.  At that point tonight, I was very wiped out after finally getting an overstimulated babygirl to bed. But I really knew she needed me so dragged myself outside. I had a great conversation of unloading for both of us, another neighbor joined us and before I knew it we were all feeling pretty great again.  She invited me to a concert tomorrow to see her brothers’ band play.  Believe it or not, Bret Michaels has opened for them before.  That’s kind of so cool and we’ll be “backstage,” lol. I hope I have the energy I do not right now and go, I know I’ll have a great time if I can find it.

I used to always say life is like a rollercoaster, so hang on and enjoy the ride. When I have days like today, as I’ve had before, it does easier to do that when the ride gets scary.

Tonight though I can say its been a great ride to the big “100.” I want to again thank all those people out there, my old and new friends, and the new ones I’m making everyday. Your kind efforts of help, advice, friendly and offending words and even just liking my posts helped me get there. I hope I can be that kind of person during the next 100 posts, and give back to you and anyone else new in our little blogosphere the same wonderful help you’ve given me.

Goodnight, and I hope it was a Happy Friday, through good and bad parts.


7 thoughts on “Happy 100th Post to Me

  1. Wonderful achievement! I know my 100th fled past, when I was sort of watching. For someone who is as “new” to the blogosphere as I am, you are doing great things. Keep that chin up, and while I am thinking about it… go to that concert! You do need to get out now and again to things that aren’t just work/eat/sleep/work.

    Have a wonderful, uplifting day tomorrow (or if you are reading it after dawn, today) and I hope you have/had wonderful, healing, peaceful dreams!

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Any questions, perspective, and comments are warmly welcomed.. I swear! Good and bad, its about growing and learning and getting better. I'd love to hear your thoughts, anytime. ;)

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