In Case You Wondered How it All Turned Out..

I take a pause after one wild ride of a morning; some “me” time, heh heh.  I could tell you about all the little tiny and huge obstacles that befell all of us involved in the memorial service today, and all the things I still had to get done, as life and work has to go on, but that’s not important, or matters.  I got it all done though with a lot of help, and even got off an hour early.

What was important is that every little thing, obstacle, problem and annoyance was never known to the family of this beloved woman, in mourning at her loss.  That my pastor/boss gave the best sermon he could, without any stress on him at all (and it was a magnificent sermon too). Also, most important of all, among a few other angels I am surrounded by that still walk this earth, she was there, every minute of my day today. Helping me overcome every challenge I was faced with and with poise, grace and elegance. I’ve never had a smoother bumpy day. It was spectacular sight to be party too.

Karolyn Allison

I made that, too, and wrote those words! That was the cover everyone who walked in saw as they were handed a bulletin. It’s just another thing I’m proud of, that I could never have done that without all the people and angels who have been strategically placed in my life.  So a huge thank you to them too.

Now, I must clean my home because I have no angel cleaning fairies, and a beautiful baby girl coming to Grandma’s for a sleepover. She is now mobile, and getting more mobile as every day passes.

Happy Friday.


3 thoughts on “In Case You Wondered How it All Turned Out..

  1. Love your artwork.

    Congratulations on surviving a hard day. You have made some huge strides, so keep going! (And, it is perfectly fine to take baby steps in there too, you know.)

    Hope you had a good night with the little one. Laughing, singing, and generally remembering what fun is again. (Or as I say, stealing from the Ogre “Glad you found your coloring books”)


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