A Day of Celebration Like No Other

My Mom, Dad, sister and me, 2013

Today is my mom’s birthday.  I won’t say how old she is (for my own protection, heh heh), only that she gets all the senior discounts and has for some time now. 😉 It is a birthday celebration like no other before.

Good morning on a much cooler Sunday in Chicagoland than yesterday. For an all too brief few days it felt as though it might be an Indian summer, but it looks as though fall is starting to settle in for the winter. We had a really fun night after all that absorption and I only woke up kind of sore and without my voice (you can see why if you view the gallery post, by clicking this link). I’m sure that’s a reason for my family to celebrate, as they won’t have to hear my continuing crazy gibberish when I go over to my mom’s later for a dinner my sister will cook for us.

Mom in October of 2010

Mom in October of 2010

If you’ve been following my blog, then you’ve heard me mention a few times my mom has been sick. Among other continued problems her diabetes and a fall eight years ago has riddled her golden days of retirement with, at the beginning of the summer she was diagnosed with breast cancer.  She spent the summer undergoing a mastectomy, toe removal and a plaguing wound that if not healed would have likely resulted in the removal of her foot as well. Then after fighting and surviving all that, she began the standard chemo pills for preventative treatment of any returning cancer. After maybe a week of taking them her kidneys shut down and she almost died. Among the many daily pills she’s taken for these eight or so years, the addition of chemo pills combined with an all too frail and worn body was just too much. Only after four dialysis treatments and another heart scare, (due to a mistake in the dosage amounts of more pills at the hospital) she found her way back to us and back to herself.

Mom Reading to Arya, about 2 weeks before the last scare. Taken in September 2014

Mom reading to Arya, about two weeks before the last scare. September 2014

Thankfully and so very relieved a daughter I am today as she is home now.  She’s doing better and hanging on and I cannot tell you how much I celebrate that.  When I realized that today was her birthday (thanks to my sister’s kind texted invitation to come to dinner Sunday), I reflected that her birthday could of been her funeral day, and a day that we’d never feel celebratory again due to such a close brush that it might have been a haunting remembrance of her sudden loss.

For all those who’ve lost a parent or family member, my heart goes out to you. As I’ve gotten older I notice how lonely the feeling of losing relatives is as our holiday parties started becoming smaller year after year. But also as I’ve gotten even older, I noticed how life has a way of unexpectedly filling those empty spaces. One such huge addition is the beautiful little girl I call my granddaughter and mom calls her first great granddaughter. We cherish and savor watching every step, sound and movement she makes when she graces us with her sweet self. I have so very much to be celebrating today, though I’m tired and a bit sore and cannot speak much.

I hope its a great Sunday for you. If you do have have a parent or family left out there in the world, give them a call and tell them you love them (that is if you do talk to them). Also, know that wherever you are, know you are where you are suppose to be.

Love, Encouragement and Blessings,


Taken on their wedding anniversary at a Concert in the Park in July 2014.  I love you Mom!

Taken on their wedding anniversary at a Concert in the Park in July 2014. I love you Mom!

6 thoughts on “A Day of Celebration Like No Other

  1. Extremely relieved to hear your mother made it through the horrid crash safely. As a daughter who watched her mother also go through a crash due to chemo on breast cancer, I begin to wonder if sometimes the doctors don’t understand as much as they would like us to.

    And, while I am here, I would like to put out a call for prayers. One of my patients has recently been informed her cancer is back (again) and will need to undergo all of the typical cancer treatments. She is not a large woman, and after hearing this, I begin to worry more for her. Please, add her to your prayers!

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  2. bff says:

    I am so relieved to hear this Laura! The kids and I were away all weekend w/o electronics at a camp for grieving families. I’ll fill you on you in later. I’m just so glad mom is better and I am planning to come see her very very soon. I love you sister!

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