A Sha Na Na Kind of Day

Hi folks, it truly was a Sha na na kind of day. My running/marathon partner (a.k.a. Werid Twin) posted an unhappy work comment with the phrase “time for a change” yesterday. Well I couldn’t resist and as a 70’s American girl, it was a Very Brady Moment. Most of the comments consisted of, heh heh, “Sha na na na na.” Hey, she posted, she’s got to deal. 😉 Then, this blogger took it from there with song stuck in my head. Today, head exploded, but in a fun way, no brains on video, promise.  So I thought I’d give her a smile via a “video text” (I’ve started doing those when I have no time to text people these days), at my expense. So why not let all of you in on the fun too?

Had a nice talk with a Very special lady who completely inspired me today and in turn, I continued to tried to inspire back.  In a Very Brady way. 😉 Kept my appointment and got my oil changed like a good daughter, also met nice young manager who I had a really insightful talk with.  He’s a musician that I hope to hear play someday. Also, if he thinks I inspired him I hope he knows he inspired me back. I was floored he sought my advice as he’s my kids’ age. I struggled for the right words but I think I ultimately led him to the hard choices having self-love sometimes involves to fulfill that dream. No one will think of you but you. I think that’s the truth.

Then, my most excellent neighbor lent me her vacuum because mine is no longer cooperating and the dog hair has piled. It was a good thing because I also had an unexpected guest who took my whole evening up, and tomorrow I’m getting up to run. My sidekick and I decided to pour salt on the wound of my dear buddy a little more, and made this for Facebook:

So all I can say is.. it was a Sha Na Na Kind of Day.  Hope yours was too.  Guess it’s also a cute baby kind of day, cause I’ve cycled back to her.. isn’t that always how it is? The next post should ba a Very Arya Post, but will have to wait until tomorrow though! I am Sha na na na na’d out.  In the event you are puzzled by my Very Brady Sha na na da day: a song just for you.  Also all those 70’s kids and maybe 80’s too. OH! Also, just a little more salt for you, Weird Twin. You need a lot anyways, you eat a lot of food. 😉

Wow, that was more of a Very Brady end to a blog post I ever thought possible.  I might actually throw up.  But meanwhile, I’ll sing… “Time to change.”

I hope wherever you are, you know you are where you are supposed to be. But also know, you can always change your mind- warm bed and Netflix 3.2 waiting.


Arya and Grandma 4


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