I Believe!

What a wonderful poem for me to wake up too! Good Morning!


Photo credit: Nadine Frauenfelder on Facebook

I Believe!
I believe out of conviction!
I believe out of Inflexible Weighing and Examining,
I do not believe out of blind faith and herd mentality!

I Believe!
I believe in the Oneness of man’s Spiritual Homeland!
I believe in the God who Created man,
I do not believe in the God created by man!

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4 thoughts on “I Believe!

  1. When the world was young, and everyone was just a spark in the eye of time, it came about that each spark was given the ability to realize a single fact – “I am”, and from that fact other facts arose, “If I am, then you are” and “If you are and I am then We are together to discover something more.”

    Keep believing, and keep the open spirit. We are discovering more every day we continue to explore what is.

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