A Permanent Goodbye

IMG_5345Tell me, who of you says, “It’s not my problem?”  Really be honest with yourself. We all have done it from time to time. Now, look an innocent baby in the face and say that.  

Hell, I’d NEVER do that. These days you’ll never hear me say its not my problem and even more so when a child is involved. Now, try to imagine the child is your grand daughter. HELL TO THE NO. It gets even further messed up when its YOUR OWN FAMILY who is saying that. When you are faced with the realization that your family is not the kind of people you want around you and you must discard them from your life immediately.

Tonight I’ve made a stance and said goodbye to my family.  They are not looking out for the best interest of this child, my first and only grandchild, that they cannot stop looking at. They are not healthy nor good for this grand baby and I’m done trying.  I am completely done.

I am so grateful for that realization tonight, though very angry.  But none the less, I’m an educated woman now and I will NEVER look at it the same nor will my grand baby.  I will NEVER allow ANYONE to hurt her and even if I die on my sword I lived my life true. Keep your job at the Temple sister should you choose to control me with it again you can kiss my completely-perfect-in-shape-ass.  I’m totally done with all my work on you people, so know that, idiots of my world!!  I will take care of that BABY and anyone else that needs me.  The rest of you can GO TO HELL if you dare get in my way again. Seriously.

You people I called family – you don’t need me.  I don’t need people calling themselves family who pretend, trust me.  I have plenty of people in this world telling me I’m more than family. Also, I’m so sorry for the loss you WILL feel and the emptiness your lack of support in the only daughter that continually changes the world will resonate throughout the rest of the lives you were willing to take to save yourselves.  I’m more than done with you people.  Goodbye, forever.

Thanks so much for finally getting me to that place of understanding.  So sorry you’ll never be there, nor will we meet again.

Wherever YOU are, I know where I’m suppose to be and I’m not moving one muscle.



5 thoughts on “A Permanent Goodbye

  1. You have done absolutely the right thing! It’s painful I can imagine, but this is what has to be done and it’s in the best interests of your beautiful baby 🙂 good choice! Difficult, but the correct one


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