Gaining More While Helping People While Living in a Pigsty

Showing this queen in training how to wave down to her followers. She is a natural, but we knew that.

If you are too busy to help someone you will miss out on helping yourself.

You will never see that spark that confirms you are doing the right thing.  The more you think of yourself the less your self will grow. I don’t care if they say you have to walk all over everyone to get to the gold. I have it, know how to get it and I don’t ever have walk on anyone. Yes, that is what I’m here to declare today this beautiful “Indian Summer” fall Sunday in Illinois. Forget your job, house, dishes, laundry – it will all be there after this post.  Pull up a chair and listen, because this is big.


Today is Grandparents Day and Blanket Sunday (the signs right there) and I didn’t know either when I went to church today. I could tell you about my problems and how I could of blown this invitation off as I can hardly find the time to eat these days I have so many people in need of me (you know I cringe reading that back because it sounds ridiculous. I’m needed and wanted – that’s what we all want).  More eye-opening still is that six months ago my problem was I isolated myself when I was upset or hurt and I cried feeling no one was there for me. Today I see that they were there for me all along I just didn’t know how to depend on them properly or use them to help me, by helping them!

I see you babygirl

I see you babygirl

As I explained in yesterdays’ post I figured out how to ask for help, but be okay if they couldn’t help. That’s a hard thing to do. Back when I was still wounded from a “rat” mixed in with true love for my “Rick” I didn’t see the connections I do today or how much I learn when I just give what I can.  A bonus of that is I have no time to sit around and isolate myself ever it seems (grin and bear it). I smile wide knowing that is 100% true. I tell people now when they try to apologize for unloading their drama that you are helping me right back and they really are.

Peeking under chair babygirl as she sees Grand mom peeking at her under table

When my friend needed me today in pain and I dropped plans to run this morning to be there for her you might think I’d be mad. She’s the one that’s been bugging me about my lack of running for a while now, as I need to be ready for a 26.2 run October 12th. But no I wasn’t mad at all-but glad she could call me and did. I was further fueled by “my time wasted” when as I advised her it helped me even more clearly define messages I need to share on my blog. So I gained so much more even though I think I helped her too. Whatever my friend does after all I made a difference to her and she also made a difference to me because I took time I don’t have to help her.

Friends in Ministry. All with our own paths, but stronger because of each other. Oh and meet Dave on the right. Hes not really in the club, but a ministry friend none the less

THEN, IN THE VERY SAME DAY, I further found proof when a new friend, buddy Rhonda brought with her to church that moved in with her recently (as friends and actually as “companions in Ministry” kind of what’s been happening to my Pastor/boss and me at work) he tells me how grateful he was that she helped him when he needed a home base (as he is a “Pastor on 2 wheels” via motorcycle).  I immediately spurted that no he was helping her just as much. My buddy recently went through a break up with a ding-dong kind of person and was very hurt. I hoped she’d have someone around because she needed that. I’m glad it’s this “guy of God” and they are in the same mind frame. Rhonda is going to be a star and I’m glad we are friends. I’m glad I wasn’t too busy trying to run and I accepted the invitation to church from her today.

I want to point out that I also know when to say no. I also know who is trying to drain my energy and who is receiving it. I think my post Friday was clarification of that. All that aside, I can do more now because  the more I do the easier it is getting. Also I am also better at it now because I’m real, honest and proud of whatever I’m doing bad or good.  Being that way makes life so much more amazing.

Just a regular Sunday

Just a regular Sunday

I’m way too busy and trying to hold more together than any one person should have too I suppose. Last week was a huge test and I passed! I am not only holding it together but getting better and when I need help, I ask. Its getting easier and as a bonus I’m learning more about myself and what I’m doing in this world.  So I just keep “grinning and bearing” and living, loving and helping those who ask because I will never miss an opportunity to grow myself.

Happy Sunday!


Wherever you are, you, only a few weeks to the marathon now. I bet you are kind of excited, and I want you to know that I am too and I hope you kick some ass guy. But not to worry because I am kicking major ass all over the place, and will that day too, fingers crossed.


Enlightened Me



One thought on “Gaining More While Helping People While Living in a Pigsty

  1. I help with No expectations, and yet, I gain. I learn more about my friend, or about the things I’m trying to teach, its all really connected. I know it might be hard to fathom.. but I ask you to read this article for further understanding:

    Please let me know what you think… see here now, I’m helping you try to understand my theory, and you are helping me because I want to make sure people can understand, or if I need to clarify more. Interesting,, huh?


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