Meet My New Boyfriend- The Perfect Guy

How do you like my new guy? With rose in hand dressed so nicely he says all the right things in such a suave way, doesn’t he? Too bad he’s just a stuffed toy with a digital recording. I really do need a lot more than that from my man, if you get my drift heh heh. So does every woman and probably why he ended up donated to that big Rummage Sale the church I work for had last week. But he found me somehow and I took pity on him and took him home.  

We all have expectations from our men and I was no different. I’ve had a whole lot of ups and downs in relationships in my life and when I finally got to the place of really loving and treating myself right, the rules I made for myself and my friends I didn’t apply to relationships with men and that was where I was still stuck for so long.

If you’d like to know those rules, check out my page  “The Secret to Happiness – Learning to Love Yourself.”  

But not too long ago I finally figured out I wasn’t applying those rules to the men that came along and that is when the light bulb finally clicked on.  The rules don’t change for men or who you date in your life.  When you love yourself and and you have finally achieved peace in your life you must apply those rules to anyone not just family or friends.  That works in both the good and bad things with guys that come along.

  • You don’t expect them to say the perfect things or have any expectations, beyond how you want to be treated.  We often apply past templates our mothers, dysfunctional families, movies or people told us that was how it was suppose to be.
  • You don’t let toxic men stick around waiting for those moments that make you happy when more often than not they make you feel bad about yourself.
  • You stay focused on yourself and your dreams and don’t get lost in the guy or the dreams of being with him.
  • You make your standards and you stick to them.
  • You live by the rules of Loving Yourself and you apply them to every facet of your life.

I’d like to suggest a great book to read my buddy Sharon told me about as it tells the truth about men and how to handle them.  “Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man.”  If ever there was a handbook for dating and relationships with men, this is definitely where to start.  He wrote this for his daughters so know its all the truth written from a man’s perspective.

I think that when the time is right all of my dreams will come true and so will yours.

Love, encouragement and blessings,


1 Laura

5 thoughts on “Meet My New Boyfriend- The Perfect Guy

  1. Expectation are different from person to person. To choose your best you follow your rules but in my view its very tough to choose by rules, filling are inner one. You choose your best by your expereicne

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    • Well if you read my article on Expectations, I say don’t have them… EVER. You cannot get hurt if you don’t expect from people.

      As far as my “rules” to loving yourself, they are meant for as a “guideline” for people who don’t yet have that “self-esteem” they seemingly find out of reach. I gave those “rules” because I was one of those people, but no longer am. I learned them by my experiences. I hope that clears it up a bit for you, but if not please do respond. Thank you so much for commenting 🙂

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  2. bff says:

    Love the post and of course the video of that cute little hunk! #perfectboyfriend,#perfbae.
    Got another book to recommend for ya 🙂 Steve Harvey’s “Act Like A Success, Think Like A Success” sounds like another winner!

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