Blood Moon

Well I set my alarm for the wrong time this morning but my Grand baby’s mommy took this picture so I had to share.. hope everyone had a great Lunar Eclipse!


Photo Courtesy of Jordyn Veronique Art –

Happy Hump Day!


9 thoughts on “Blood Moon

    • I actually used my cannon powershot G16 which is not an SLR nor does it use a special lens. I did however have to zoom in and take about 40 photos using myself as a tripod and go on my roof. The photo could have been much better quality, but it was very windy and somewhat cloudy at 5:22 am. I used an extended shutter time to allow more light to pass through the lens.

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      • TY, Jordyn!!! I have a Kodak EasyShare Z1012IS. I thought it was a good camera which is why I laid down a nice chunk of change on it but since I bought it, I keep seeing awesome pictures by people who use Cannon. So, either I have a good enough camera and my not-so-beautiful shots are due to operator error, OR, I just need to switch to Cannon.
        And, maybe the artist just always thinks they could have done better but, I don’t see how this pic could have been better. You even captured the stars, man! And the little bit of cloud added an ethereal quality that is really cool.
        Thanks for your time & the detailed answer!


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