Overcoming My Biggest Obstacles Yet and the 2014 Chicago Marathon

Hi everyone!  Well its been quite a couple of days.  I am very proud to say I finished my second marathon. My first being last year at age 44.

1 Laura Medal

Not just because it’s not easy- heh heh, but because as I said my trainning was practically nil for months. Then there was this little problem I had about 3 miles in- I hit a pot hole and fell flat on my face. I got right back up though and kept running.  About 14 miles in the pain in my ankle got bad and worse as I kept going. I wasn’t going to quit and I didn’t. My time was around 5:40 but if I wasn’t injured I believe I would have set a new PR because at one point I was sure I was going to finish at 4:30. None of that matters though PR’s and all, I really don’t care about that being 45 and a grandma. I did finish and overcame it all.

My weird twin and two of my other best friends at the finish.  Her phone still worked

My weird twin and two of my other best friends after her finish. Her phone still worked and she did great – beating her PR from last year.

Even more I learned a huge lesson about true friends. Though I finally found my girlfriends, the one I thought was my true friend, true love and man I was suppose to be with, Christopher James Glosser completely abandoned me after the race. We applied for it and planned to run it together a long time ago. We recently reunited then went together and planned to leave together (so I was deceptively lead to believe). He lied and left before I even finished.  My phone was dead and when I was finally able to contact him (nice stranger with a Facebook app- thanks to them) and told him I was alone and lost and hurt, he couldn’t even come back to get me. His motives for us reuniting were completely narcissistic and sick and I’ll spare you the pathetic details. When I finally found my friends I was in tears upset like I’ve never been ever… and I just ran my second marathon- with an injury! What a horrible human being this man is. He never even apologized.  Wow, such a classy guy. But don’t feel bad because though I do right now, I am so much better off knowing all this and the type of person he really is- as I did yesterday I will overcome.

I know I’m a winner for so many reasons.  Also as I always say to all of you – if I can do it, you can do it too. Yes you can no matter what gets in the way.

Happy Monday everyone!




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