My Broken Tracks


Image courtesy of Cheri Lucas Rowlands at The Daily Post

I had been here before, a long time ago. It looked a lot different back then.  The rails were a shining new silver and so bright if the sun was high and you looked at them at the wrong angle it could blind you. There were people waiting to wave me off for miles. Even a band and a parade.

But now, it was nothing but an abandoned, worn, empty spot. The station was tore down and there was not a soul in sight for miles.

The trip getting back here was a rough painful and long one.  I had laid out 45 years of tracks I had to retrace to get to here.  It was a very long walk. For awhile, it seemed pretty normal, like any other set of rails. But as I gained some distance, I started noticing my track had a lot of damage. My train had been derailed quite a few times. There was even a couple of times I ran over a bridge so worn I should have gone over.  I’m amazed still I didn’t.  It was a very scary thing to witness, but I had to know what spots were wrong. My track needed repair.  This was it, I was going to fix it.

Then, as I walked even further back,  I also began to see people standing at junctions, pulling switches. People I knew throughout my life, some I loved and trusted and some that didn’t even know what they were doing, but they liked pulling other people’s switches and were void of the effect it had on my route. There they were, one junction after another, and so many of them. They had guided me in all the wrong directions. Some had even been holding signs saying “Good Intentions” and “This Is all I know how to guide you.”  Others had signs saying “you suck,” or “you’re short and ugly” or “you’ll never be good enough.”

Wow it was crazy how screwed up this track was. All these turns and detours my tracks made…  No wonder I was so lost! My route was sabotaged so badly and I never even realized it until I finally made this trip.

I stopped at every one of those junctions and I thanked them for their unintended help, but that I could take it from here and asked them to leave. Some, I had a few choice words for, others, well they would never learn so I didn’t bother. I was finally armed with the right tools and started fixing the spots that were causing the derailment.

Then, I sat there and absorbed the spot where it all started.  My beginning… and me, untouched by life’s pain. I laughed and cried.  For the little train that started out and all her naive good intentions.  Then, I said goodbye and got on my brand new train and left. This time though, I got me a fast, sleek train. My route is quick, operating smoothly, and I watch for those switchers and staying one step ahead of them too.  I got back so fast it was crazy.  All I could think was why did it have to be so rough the first time?

It’s a big world out there.  Now that I have a solid train, control back of my route and my track is finally sturdy and strong, I’m ready for it. So here I go, back on my tracks and so excited!  I’ve got so many more places to go, things to do and people to meet.  So glad I went back there.


I hope you enjoyed my little metaphoric story, it was a submission to a writing challenge I was given by a great blog I follow. We all have our own tracks, and when I say you got to go back to the past to get to your future, this is another example of why.  You have your own derails and switchers, and until you fix your tracks, your rides going to be the same mess every trip.  But EVERY track is fixable and every route can improve.  You just got to figure out what and where it went wrong.

Check them out!

12 thoughts on “My Broken Tracks

  1. Nice analogy. But if you could REALLY travel back in time, would you go back and do things differently the second time around? I know I never want to be that young and foolish again, but being young and (comparatively) wise is something that will always tempt me.

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    • Would you be so foolish, if you went back?

      Thank you, that is a tough question. When I used to think about that it ended with the fact that my sons might not of been born.. but now I realize I wouldn’t be me then. I own it all. However, it doesn’t own me. My point today was more about going back and looking at what went wrong and reconciling it in your soul and how it changed you. Repairing it and growing from it. You can’t change the past, but you can change how it changed you… lol. Make sense? Thanks for commenting.

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    • I am beyond smiling.. that is such a really wonderful comment thank you for that Belle. After being afraid to write in public for most of my life, I’m putting it out there now really for the first time and so its beyond words knowing maybe I might be doing okay at this. Thank you so much for your comment.


  2. A wonderful way to answer a great challenge! Love the phrasing, and the metaphors. Every encounter, both good and bad teach us lessons – it is up to us to figure out what those lessons are, so that we don’t make the same mistake again.. and again… and again until we DO learn. Though we have only recently met, I can tell you have done some major growing in this piece alone. Thank you for sharing this.

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Any questions, perspective, and comments are warmly welcomed.. I swear! Good and bad, its about growing and learning and getting better. I'd love to hear your thoughts, anytime. ;)

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