Does Time Really Heal All Wounds, Revisting a Past Post

I wrote a post “Does Time Really Heal All Wounds,” for a man named Christopher Glosser, the same man who abandoned me last weekend after the marathon in favor of his selfish needs.  I came across this one today and was shocked at how similar it was to how I feel today. There’s a lesson there and here too, that I’ve learned now finally. I’ll tell you what it was at the end of this slightly altered re-post.

 I used to believe that.  It used to be true.

If I could take one thing back, I’d never of accepted a friend request I got in early January, 2013.

It was the start of a complete waste of a year and a half of my life.

I’m sure he is reading these, (yes, he’s that big of a coward folks), I’d like to tell you this, NGRF I believed in us, I believed in you.  How you could question me or wonder why I could love you and want to be with you, after all we shared, digital and together – and when we weren’t together but still connected–is completely SICK. After you knew the kind of person I REALLY am… it’s just incredible how horrible you were. How you could treat me as anything but the girl you were meant to be with is so wacked I don’t even know what to say.

But you are, beyond screwed up, aren’t you?  You “blocked” it all out, you forgot?  Well, you really didn’t— its EATING AWAY AT YOU, how STUPID you were and how miserable you are STILL.  But you like miserable.  I’ll NEVER KNOW why you were attracted to me, because who you are is completely nothing like me, I know now.

GROW UP COWARD!!  No, better yet, stay where you’re at and continue looking like the complete fool you really are.  Yes, I see that now!!

You’ll never have the guts to face me, DO RIGHT BY ME, to be the man you “pretended” you were.  You will stay hidden in your cowardly little shell, so stay there. I’m sure one day that house will show you the love you so desperately think your going to somehow get by being a pathetic martyr.

You’ll NEVER get anything from what I say, because you couldn’t listen when you actually had me around. You hurt my heart and soul more than anyone and you preyed on a very vulnerable woman in a horrible time in my life.  I hope you are proud of yourself.

I GOT NOTHING GOOD FROM KNOWING YOU, and you are a very, very selfish pathetic human being.


I’d like to say I feel better, but I don’t.  Things shouldn’t have gone this way… it’s so sad how stupid people can be.  But I want to get past this.. I NEED TO.

So the lesson I guess I learned is I should have gone with my gut back when I posted this months ago and did not. I kept hoping, dreaming and believing and found out a very hard way a leopard doesn’t change his spots.

You might have one too and if so, just move on and try to forget the pain but remember it isn’t you, but they who are the problem. Also that good things and people will come your way if you can persevere.


A Grandma and babygirl


14 thoughts on “Does Time Really Heal All Wounds, Revisting a Past Post

  1. Thank you Laura. I could have written this myself 😉
    Now u know what you DON’T want – grow from this and don’t you dare settle until you find what you DO deserve!!! All these little pussies need to go back home to their mommies and learn how to be REAL men!

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    • You are so very right on gf- just wait until you read my post tomorrow to hear even further what a pussy this man is. I cannot tell you how grateful I am for your support – thank I from the bottom and top of my heart.


      • I think the only appropriate thing to do at this point is to post a link to his blog or social media sites….. Bc if all women are so ‘evil’ in their eyes when we dare have feelings or express our opinions, we might as well live up to the image they have created for us….. Jus sayin 😉

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      • I think you are absolutely right Heather, and though he doesn’t have a blog, I’m doing all I can to save the world from this vile person as you will read in my latest post. Let me know what you think.


    • You know Heather I misunderstood your last suggestion, and now see what you meant. So here’s a link to his Facebook page for one:

      His email

      All his other social media sites can be found by referencing that email or his name or just the cglosser72. He’s got a whole lot of stupid crap from his professional student life that would bore you to tears, but anyone can google his name and find it all, including on Linked in.

      Thanks so much for that suggestion!


      • Hurt people, hurt people….
        It’s just how we humans roll…

        Thank you for speaking up and letting the rest of us know we are not alone. Sometimes enough is enough, and people ask for exactly what they get by the choices they make. I think it’s a great first step in teaching others how we deserve to be treated by not putting up with childish behavior and turning a blind eye.

        Being a good girl who turns her cheek doesn’t work and you can only hold someones head under water so long before they come up for air fighting for their life. I bet someone is wishing he hadn’t tried to push you under right now……

        You get what you ask for… so as I tell my children, make good choices and be prepared to accept the consequences of your actions!!! It’s not fucking rocket science – I know 5 yr olds that can communicate better.

        I’m not becoming more loving, I’m becoming more pissed off……

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      • So very perfectly put Heather. Your confirmation of posting my heart and feelings is invaluable to me. I was just saying to someone that almost exact thing, how long was I to lie down and take it? I am not the same person I was after that day and I will never lie down again. But I hope you, as I will, can find healing and goodness and growth, but stay smart and pissed off too.


      • It’s a fine line to find that balance when you’ve only known it one way for so long. I told my friend last night that I just want to find a male version of me 😉 I want to be with someone who is as loving and understanding and ‘sees’ me like I see others. I can’t stop believing that he is out there…. Somewhere.

        The days I settled and quit dreaming …. were the days I died inside. Starting to believe again, and hope others can too, bc if not, we are all just gonna kill each other off! We all want the same thing….. It just shouldn’t be so damn hard!

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      • Again… my feelings EXACTLY. I still want to believe in happy endings and that he is out there… somewhere. I saw your bio pic and you are beautiful outside too.. so its incredibly crazy we aren’t just scooped up huh??? I’m still going to keep being me, just a smarter me, and you are helping me get back to her and not get down… as I said in some of the comments I saw when I looked through your blog, like your lemonade post, we are so alike. I’m beginning renewal and you’ve helped so very much know that ms. inspirer I hope I can do the same for you, as I too am ms. inspirer! Heh heh. Hugs to you.


      • Yes, you are an inspiration to me no doubt! Congratulations on your marathon! What an amazing accomplishment! I always said I would do one some day…better get on that 😉
        I’m laughing at your comment that crazy we aren’t scooped up… I think about that every night as I lay alone w my green ‘blankie’ and stuffed animal, like…this is just a crime and somebody is missing out big time!

        You gotta earn that shit though, no free handouts if you know what I mean! Someday the right one will come along and hit the jackpot by doing things the ‘right’ way while all the other idiots are out slashing tires like a juvenile delinquent! Love ya soul sister 🙂

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  2. Soul sister is just the words I would use too. Got back from the police station tonight. Sigh– it was so hard just because I want to put it all behind me – but I’m not going to let him get off so easy. I got my comforter and my big lug Max (dog) and a new friend I know gets it! While I don’t have the internet at home and have gone way past my G’s I will reply to your other comments tomorrow when I’m in wifi land at works have a great night friend 🙂


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