My Tire Slashed by a Freak But Otherwise A Great Weekend

Wow, what a look- um weeine anyone (the one in yellow about to drop)! Go to: and type in Glosser to see more. Its the 2014 Chicago Marathon for your reference.

Well hi there all, did you have a great weekend?  I did for the most part except for the freak tire slashing part, which I will most definitely get too. But first I had to share this amazing finish the jerk Christopher Glosser, the one who left me stranded after the marathon (aka tire slasher) that I’ve told you about. You must view his expression online close up. Its got to be one of the top 10 stupidest looks on someone’s face after finishing a race ever.

But before I get to that, I saw a great acapella concert Saturday with my grandbaby and her other grandma hosted by The Chicago Metro Chorus.

Then I came home, made a donated ham dinner for me and my neighbor and she had spent the day getting  boxes and boxes of clothing and things for my grandbaby from a friend who had outgrown clothing from her own kids.

Stunning high quality clothes for her for the next two years.. I’m so grateful.

Sunday started with relaxing and soup making (with leftover hambone) and more Lord of the Rings viewing.

Once the soup was ready that evening I was out the door with it to enjoy our favorite show The Walking Dead with my new family. As I started to drive I immediately noticed my tire was flat.  Luckily I live near a gas station so I went to fill it as this has happened before, no biggie. When I thought it was filled I left, and got about a block away when it was flat again. I made it to another near by gas station thank God and discovered that my tire had been slashed.. very very badly.

This has never happened to me in my life.  Nor has the entire situation with this psychotic man, Christopher Glosser whom I know beyond a shadow of a doubt did it. People, this man has a PhD- so unbelivable and I’d look out for those kind since I’ve been told they can be the nuttiest of all people.  Wish I’d listened then but I hear it now. No one with any sense of normalcy could have hurt me the way he did then when publicity called out on it not even apologize or try to make amends. Suddenly, on the only night I know he is free (Saturday night, that’s when it happened), my tire gets slashed? No, this was his solution. Gratefully my neighbors were home and even came to the gas station and put on my spare.  I made it with plenty of time to watch my show and had a great night anyways. I will be filing a police report today while this post goes public.  Its a good thing I posted all that stuff and on my Facebook page (type lauramomma27 in your FB browser for specifics) more evidence to support this was him. Gives a complete motive of intent – all documented online. Then there’s this, something I remembered only when I started writing this post:

Earlier Saturday night as I rushed in and out stopping only to put in the ham and get the dog on his leash and ran out to walk him I saw someone from a distance walking hurriedly from behind the town homes on my right . I watched him strangely as this person walked down the the sidewalk in my direction hurriedly, then cross the street, cut through some other town homes to the next block – and as I turned corners going the same direction I noticed he then got into his car parked on a different street and hurriedly sped off. I thought it looked an awful lot like Chris and the car was a dead wringer for his.  He was wearing an orange jacket vest and blue, red and white striped shirt.  I bet he owns a vest and I know he has that type of shirt, too. I thought maybe he was stalking me and brushed it off.  But now it all makes sense. Yes, I saw you Chris.  You probably waited until I was down the block walking the dog, then came back knowing I’d be gone a while with him and slashed the tires to seek revenge.

All you had to do was be honest with me in the first place.  But I guess when you are a liar and manipulator honesty isn’t the first things you think of.

Now there will be a police report tagged to your name, among all the other things I’ve tagged you online for since you used me so horribly. My neighbors also are fully aware of the situation and very protective of me and will be looking out for your sad little black Honda Civic (or the pathetic Honda SR-V). You are a liar, a coward and a sick human being. You deserve all the misery coming to you and it will just keep coming and coming even after my anger subsides because that is the world you created for yourself and continue to.  I still cannot believe I thought you were a good guy. Just so you are aware Christopher, my next step is to tell the world the ENTIRE truth… and you know I’ve left somethings out.  So you might want to send me a check for that tire, knowing how broke I am and I know you did this.  Or you might try to do something stupid again.  Its your choice, but know I’m not only not scared but I’m very angry now.

Have a great Monday everyone, I know I will.  You can’t keep a good girl down, hell no. Oh, and Walking Dead kicked butt tonight did it not??

Love, encouragement and blessings,



12 thoughts on “My Tire Slashed by a Freak But Otherwise A Great Weekend

  1. Sorry to hear about your tire being slashed. 😦 But……..I LOVE that t-shirt! Last night’s episode was great. Lot’s of things happening on the show now. What do you think about Bob? What do you think the twist is there? I can’t wait for next Sunday now.

    Liked by 1 person

    • OMG omg omg… yes it was SOOOO good! I think Bob will survive with one leg.. ooo the cannibalism!! And the preacher?? What’s his secret and is it related to Beth? The car.. they saw had a cross on it. And who are they and will Daryl & Carol get her back.. omg omg so good!

      Liked by 1 person

      • I was thinking when Bob left the group and cried that something was up. Did he get bit by the walker that was under water when they went on a food raid? I’m thinking that he did, and was grief stricken because any pending romance was now null and void. And if he was bit, what happens to the cannibals? It’s going to be a long 7 days.

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      • Yes, well if you recall last season they showed his backstory and how he kept ending up all alone, I believe it was that every group he’d been in eventually got killed by Zombies or left him or something crazy would happen. This was the first time he’d been happy in so long and I’m sure it was needed.. the space to think. But I’m wondering, the way the cannibal dude was talking to him sounded as though he knew him once or something and there might be a story there. But I do think Bob will survive, just with part of his leg missing. I also think there won’t be many more deaths because after all these folks survived up until this point. Since this is such an unbelievably written show, I expect nothing but the unexpected.

        So excited to see what happens next.. will they all go to Washington? Will Carol and Daryl become a couple, finally? So much to learn and 6 days to go.

        Liked by 1 person

    • Wow Harlon thank you so much! This is 2 times in one day.. I’m so blessed. If its alright I will combine the two?? And answer all the questions and since I’ve met some great new blogs, I’d love to pass it on to them too.


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