Tick-Tock, Time Ticks. Taking Time for Rewarding Things

If you think this article is about taking time for yourself -grin and bear it- because you’d be wrong. In fact I propose the opposite. Take time for others, because it will be rewarding, and you’ll still find time on your side, though it still ticks.

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I spent a hectic day at work yesterday working around constant interruptions. We’ve had a surge in donations for our rummage sale like never before.  As the time counts down to the day we say “no more” looms close, ten different people dared to “interrupt” my too short day.

We have an unexpected memorial service, rummage sale promotional postcards, people in need, and our usual day-to-day tasks. I work “part-time” as that is what the church can afford, so every ticking second matters. As I started out with a smile as the first visitor arrived, I found myself grimacing with every second passing as the 5th and 6th visitors all with good intentions, arrived to wreck my day and cause me stress. But I had to “grin and bear it,” and as each interruption left, every single time, I was left with no stress and only rewards. More than I deserve, I thought to my grimacing self.

  • I was rewarded for the article I wrote about the lady who passed. “As if you knew her all her life.” Wow, that’s a huge compliment coming from someone who did know her all her life.
  • I was rewarded for the work I’ve been doing to grow as in the conversations I had were quick and meaningful and satisfying to both of us without feeling rushed.
  • I was rewarded for sharing with a friend I hadn’t seen in a long time, my new self awareness and growth and it was inspiring her, I could see.
  • I was rewarded as the woman who is probably the hardest to please in our congregation is very pleased with me and continues to be.
  • I was rewarded with an item I’d been needing for the grand baby arrived with those interrupting do-gooders.
  • I was rewarded by making someone feel good, by taking the time to talk to them when they may not talk to another person again that day.
  • I was rewarded that the things I’ve been learning are all connected with every lesson I learn, everyday.
  • I was rewarded because I still got my work done, on time, and didn’t blow a gasket.

I was rewarded because I just received what was given to me by “grinning and bearing” it. Its a daily task at the job I do, and I know I can do it, daily. I know I am strong enough.

I sit here now, at home, having left work on time today too, another crazy day of blessed interruptions, people in need, and people with good intentions.  I know that tomorrow we will be ready for the “big day” of celebrating Karolyn’s life, another person at times I “grinned and beared” with time looming, and its one person who died I can feel no regrets about, at last. I know her life, though filled with as many if not more struggles every day, will be celebrated by more people than we’ve ever had here, with more rummage that we’ve ever had here, and that it will all be okay, because I took the time I didn’t have and found the time anyways.

Tick-tock and the clock ticks.  Off to walk my doggie, and clean my home.


16 thoughts on “Tick-Tock, Time Ticks. Taking Time for Rewarding Things

  1. Leslie says:

    Being kind usually gets you rewarded cause the universe rewards those that do good. 😉 Or as a phrase i coined with mom & Kira..it’s nice to be nice to the nice. (Other wicked half..did you expect anything less from your evil stepsister? ..is..We mean to be mean to the mean. Lol) I’m glad all the interruptions turned out well for you today, my friend.

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  2. Time is such a mysterious force. The physicist would define it as: A series of events leading from one event to another event”, the metaphysicist would define it as: A flow of events leading from where you are to where you are meant to be. Both definitions are correct, and yet both are wrong – at least by my perception. Time is that wonderful thing that organizes your day, flies past you when you need it the most, and creeps along when you need it the least.

    However, it is also that thing which gives you a chance to find out what you are really made of. Every time you take “time” to do something good, there is some place within that you can draw from, and replace at least part of the “time” you have used for the good thing. Don’t ask me where that place is, or how it came to be, I could’t tell you! I just know that when you are doing good things – for yourself, for others, or for some wonderful result, you will always seem to have “just enough time” to get those activities done. Haven’t you ever noticed that the more you have on your plate to get done during a given “time” frame, the more you actually accomplish, while the less you have to do, the harder it is to get anything done? Yeah, thought so!

    And people wonder why retirees have so little “time” to enjoy retirement! They have too much free “time” on their hands and not enough activity to fill it all and get that reward system to kick in.

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  3. Beth Johnson says:

    Keep up the good work. When you prove yourself useful, many will need you and you can be “used” in a good way.

    I am back home with just one strained ankle and one broken toe. GRIN!

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