When Life Knocks You Down, Rollerblade Up- Hump Day

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My Skates Resting until after work

Happy Hump Day.  Boy did I overcome a hump today. Though life continues to knock me down with its struggles then answers, problems solved, problems created, I noticed today that another great blogger friend commented on a post from over 2 years ago and reminded me I’ve been there done that before, and overcame. Thank you for that reminder.  I need to repost that post, though I think I was kind of ashamed of those older ones.  Shame on me for that, heh heh!

Well this week was no exception ups and downs galore and its only Wednesday.  I think I’ve mentioned I don’t have the internet at home right now so I can’t blog as much as I’d like and also that money is beyond tight.  Yesterday I used all my gas going to a seminar on a government grant that I might not qualify for because I make maybe 800.00 over the poverty line (for 6 months).  Isn’t that crazy?  If I got the grant I’d get certified to TEACH Microsoft Office (a program I know like I know the back of my hand) get paid well and still be there for the grandbaby and keep the job at the church.  I went to bed last night very discouraged and wondering how I’d get to work.

(Some of the great moments this week)

My bike tires are flat and I was too exhausted to figure out how to fix them this morning, not having a pump.  So I decided to walk thinking that this was going to be a long walk.  I got a block away and remembered my beloved roller blades. I ran home and put them on, and with my big pink backpack filled with my purse and lunch and nice shoes to wear at work I was on my way.  I was already tired and sweaty though it is a 50 degree day in Chicago when I got to the big hill that crosses the Edens expressway.  But as I started the enormous upward climb it only made me smile.  It is such a metaphor for everything I preach- having to fight that big hill on my skates and heavy backpack.  But I knew that once I got to the top I was going to get a HUGE reward. As predicted after I struggled, I got my reward in tenfold. I cannot tell you how wonderful it feels to rollerblade down the other side of a hill when you are almost exhausted climbing up it.  It was by far the best decline of my life and when I got to work I felt better about life, problems and all of it.  As well I got in some exercise which I also know will help me cope with life better – why didn’t I think of this before!

The rest of the week I have no doubt will be up and down, but if nothing else I’m getting on those blades and skating to work for sure!  Not just because I have no gas in my car but because it made me feel great.

How Ironic is it that its Hump Day?

Love, Encouragement and Blessings,

a laura n babygirl



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