I Will Not be Waiting for Superman Anymore

Since I was a little girl and my dad took me to see “Superman The Movie” Superman has been my most favorite superhero. I dreamed I’d grow up and find him- I wanted a Superman of my own. For years since I got divorced (way back when my kids were little) I was still “Waiting for Superman.” I waited and hoped for the man who would “save me” from my tiring, stressing, financially woed life and would love and take care of me and be my hero. I deserved that much I thought and I was as good as so many around me getting remarried and finding the one. But that never happened and one day after a friend request I accepted on Facebook I thought he’d finally come. He even said he wanted to be my Superman. Nobody ever said that before.

superman 2I think that all came to a head after the 2nd marathon I ran, as I posted away to all of you some of the things my “Superman” ended up doing.  Nope, ladies, I abhor you to stop waiting, because he’s probably still stuck at the laundromat trying to figure out how to work the machine and probably shrunk his cape. He’s not coming and the best part is you don’t need him. You never did and neither do I.

I was reading a great article by one of my fellow bloggers “MyPersonallThing” on Musical Inspirations (click here to read her article) and she asked if music ever inspires our posts.  Well the other day I heard the above song on my playlist and was inspired to write this post so yes Donna it can and does inspire my posts.

superman 4I used to hear that song and think it was all about me. I was waiting for this man who I loved to do all the above I already mentioned. When I try to figure it all out, I think my biggest mistakes were based on expectations a subject I’ve preached about myself.  In this case I wasn’t giving myself the expectations I deserve or taking care of myself.  No, I was putting all my eggs in baskets that didn’t even have my name on them while I waited for my Superman to swoop in.

Life Isn't a movie sorry

Life Isn’t a movie sorry

When the marathon incident occurred, and the days following, and the tire slashing, from the ashes I believe rose a women I never met before.  Her name is SuperLaura and she doesn’t need to wait for Superman because she’s flying herself- online, in life and on rollerblades. She’s not taking anymore crap and isn’t waiting around, she’s got to many wonderful people to help and be helped by to bother.  I have no time to even think about tires, jerks, cowards, love from a man or anything else, just enough time to take care of me so I can take care of all the other things in life with a clear head and healthy body.  I’m saving my time to have fun with the friends and things life has given me. Though so many things recently have been taken away in another twist of irony, by losing things I thought were so important (like the internet, cable, toxic people in my life, a tire, having no gas, etc.) I’ve gained time, organization, self-respect and so much more.

superman 5Ladies, stop waiting for him, focusing on him and living for him. He is not the end all be all, in fact he’s the problem you aren’t happy- because you aren’t thinking about you.  Fall in love with you and the world will love you back and that will be enough.  I will always love Superman, but he’s only a comic book character. Also, most importantly – SMILE!!

The way you smile will change the world.  

Happy Friday everyone and Happy Halloween! Love, blessings and encouragement,


16 thoughts on “I Will Not be Waiting for Superman Anymore

  1. Rookienotes says:

    This came right on time. I am tired of waiting for guys who arent even thinking about me. Ugh. I said you know what if he really wants me hes going to have to come after me. Not the other way around. I dont have time to hope and wish anymore.

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