Inspiration Doesn’t Always Come from Humans

(Originally reblogged this post 8/17/14, I guest posted on “Trying to Make Things Right’s” blog (thanks again Diana). Now I’m re-posting my reblogged guest post. LOL Say that three times fast if you can figure that one out.  Or just read the story, its a great one.)

Happy National Dog Day! This is my Second Attempt at Guest Posting. Please check out this great Author’s Blog too!

trying to make things right

Happy National Dog Day.  Meet Max, my hero.

My Max!

Today, on this special day,  I celebrate a creature that has done more for me in my life than any human I’ve ever known.

A creature that from the start, for no reason at all, loved me unconditionally.

A creature that helped me find my true self.

 I owe him everything.  I will be so lost and devastated when the time comes for him to leave this earth and cannot imagine living here without him at my side.

A day to celebrate him is the very least I can do.

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5 thoughts on “Inspiration Doesn’t Always Come from Humans

  1. Damn! I’m all kinds of confused now!…Let me see…you reblogged your guest post ….so Max is YOUR dog and not the other bloggers! Lol! Well lucky you! He sounds just beautiful. Only another dog lover can read that and just nod knowingly and smile. I happily patronizingly pity those who never know that friendship.

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