Unlimiting Your View to the People Around You

As I shared yesterday the loss of my beloved older friend, I mentioned a phrase about Burl 2“unlimiting my view,” and I’d like to elaborate on that today. ¬†There are many steps to bettering your life, healing and growing, and even if you aren’t on that path, and just a person going about your day, I challenge you as well to not limit yourself to the people in your everyday world, that you walk by without even a smile because you might be worried about your own life, to take a minute and say hello. ¬†I challenge you that not because I ask of you to go out and make a difference, I tell you this will make a difference to you and your life.

People come in all shapes and sizes, colors and frames. ¬†There are hidden gems out there, just walking along like normal people. ¬†When you reach enlightenment, or if you’ve never had your light dimmed, you’ll see them. You’ll know each other like family. They stand out in the crowd; its an amazing point of awakening I’m finding, everyday my eyes widen further. I was lucky¬†enough to come even more so to that awareness this weekend, as I did a security job (one of my many, that I’m blessed to have to keep me afloat), and I’d like to share with you another wonderful thing I’ve come to learn on my journey.

BurlMeet Burl. ¬†Burl works at a temple as a security guard, maintenance and helper. ¬†When you walk through the front doors, he’s standing¬†keeping it¬†open, with a smile, assistance and kind word for everyone. ¬†He is an everyday man we see, well, every day. ¬†Not blessed with the riches the people around him have, monetarily speaking, but with the knowledge that he is blessed with riches money cannot buy. I had the pleasure of time to sit down and talk with him while I worked, because the group we were hired to watch did not include very many young people, as really, that is what our job as “security” in these cases entails. Making sure the young people between the ages of 12-14 behave¬†during the service.

Burl and I were talking about things, and for whatever reason we started discussing life, love and people. ¬†He couldn’t believe that at one time I didn’t like myself or have confidence, I suppose by my outward appearance. He knows my sister who has worked there many times doing what I do, and we are adopted so we are not physically alike, so I think that’s what got it all started. ¬†Well, over the course of the conversation, which was everything from why I’ve gained confidence to why its important not to let toxic people get you to wrapped up in their own¬†problems, he understood every word. ¬†I finished some of his sentences and he was kind of amazed, as I was amazed that I was speaking to someone not put in my life to help, but possibly to affirm my track. Burl is one of a kind, and one of my kind. ¬†It was quite powerful, in that quiet powerfully magical way things happen.

As we got lost in our kindredship, I then was called to go into the service and check on the children, to “make an appearance” so we’d keep our companies reputation to the high standards they’ve achieved. Then, even more magically, Burl got up,¬†rushed to the huge doors and, taking his time to open the doors, as though he was– oh, this makes me feel so unworthily humbled as I type— opening the doors for a queen. ¬†It was a moment. ¬†One of remembrance, and one I’ll never forget that I am only a human being, and I must be human, kind and loving to everyone. Of all shapes and sizes, races, wealth and loss and I can learn so much from them, so I cannot limit myself ever. Further affirmation that the world is all connected, that I’m on the right path, and grow stronger everyday.


When I took these pictures and told him about my blog and how I wanted to feature him in a story, he was so flattered; as though I were someone famous. ¬†What a man. ¬†What a gem, hidden at a doorway that I’d otherwise, in my simple thinking, of passed by.

So I challenge everyone reading, those enlightened and searching for hope, to not limit your thinking about people, to not let your life’s problems get in the way of taking time to talk to someone who needs it, or someone you think you would never in a million years have in common with, and to open your world to the wonderful everyday people around you.

I’m a better person today for my 20 minute conversation with you Burl, so thank you for taking time to talk to me. ¬†Forever a friend and a kindred spirit.

Love, encouragement and blessings,


Burl and Laura 2


6 thoughts on “Unlimiting Your View to the People Around You

  1. Wonderful encounter for you. There are kind spirits/ guardian angels everywhere, you just have to have the proper eyes to see them. Most like to hide under exteriors that should pass by unnoticed – the poor, the homeless, the mundane, even a child, so they can provide guidance without attracting notice.

    You are on such an outstanding journey! It is a delight to see what you discover next.

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    • No if, new friend. A promise. Its a long road, and it never ends. It’s our journey, and WHEN you think you’ve got there, try to stay humble, or you might take a few steps back. But then you’ll learn, overcome, and take 4 steps forward. This will always be. And its a wonderful thing too. I know I’ll learn as much from you as you from me, because that’s just what happens as our minds open further than we can ever see happening, at any age. Thank you for such a wonderful compliment.

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