My “Souper Lost Weekend” – More Giving, Getting and Great Things in Little Packages

Oh you so know I had to show off the costume pic once more lol!

Oh you so know I had to show off the costume pic once more lol!

As SuperLaura continues her evolution, its only fitting I have a “Souper” weekend, huh?  Funny though unplanned everyday I see more and more the connections and how things all seem to fit together.  Giving it all to God then giving to others and gifts are given back to me. The story of my life – or my beginning life at 43 I suppose.  As I continue to share it all with you it only further continues to help me get even better. So thanks for reading my posts and being my blogger friends too. I keep meeting and growing from so many of you who are just like me, its incredible, wouldn’t you say?  Heh heh.. okay, and now on to the “Souper Lost Weekend.”

Well I don’t know how Halloween was for the rest of the planet, but here in Chicagoland we had a freak storm with snow, hail, rain, thunder and lightning.  I heard people all the rest of this weekend saying that they didn’t get many trick or treaters and had to wonder why they were even saying that. I mean WE HAD A FREAK STORM PEOPLE did you forget?  Ha ha although when I spoke to my buddy Sharon’s son Brendan on the phone Saturday (who is 10) he boasted a whopping 280 pieces of candy!!  You rock kid.  Going over to her house later today to play catch with him, maybe I can steal a piece. 😉

I have my reasons for liking the winter time, besides the fact that we usually have a white Christmas. Though I love summer and warm weather its a Chicago life to have at least two of the four seasons (hot and cold) and I find joys in both.  The season of Chicago cold for me begins with soup.  I love soup and I love making soup (from scratch of course) it is all you need in a perfect package.. your veggies, meat, pasta, or whatever.  But it just doesn’t work well in the heat so my soup love hibernates until winter.  Halloween really kicked off winter right here and that Friday while Bren and his super mom braved the cold to collect that counted-to-the-last-piece candy, I began with French Onion brewing.

Oh French onion.. it’s not just about the soup, but the bread and the broiled provolone on top. With this batch of soup, I fed 3 other people and tomorrow will further impress Pastor and one of our Trustee members who will also be partaking in one of my hidden talents.

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I might not have a lot of money right but that doesn’t mean you can’t still help others and yourself.  Soup when made from scratch is extremely inexpensive and lasts and lasts. Unless of course you have hungry friends who like your soup.  But luckily there’s just enough left for a couple more bowls for me too.  It’s a perfect little package huh!

Soup lovers and the man in my life, who spent the whole night flirting with my friends. Nice guy huh?

Saturday I spent lost in “LOST” the series which I’m re-watching after errands ran and things getting done.  Sunday came and after a special appearance at my job to videotape the members for an updated “This is our Church video” I came home to make my famous Mazoball soup. How ironic is making a customary Jewish food on a customary Christian day of God celebration.  It turned out yummy and just in time for my buddy who’s been oogling my soup on Facebook to come by.  Also Sharon was in desperate need of some girl time herself being the supermommy she is so she came over too.

Mazoball Soup.. another perfectly yummy souper package

Mazoball Soup.. another perfectly yummy souper package

After running a bowl down to my neighbor Tarrie, we ate soup, BYOB’d (Bring your own booze) and sat and talked and had fun together.  Sharon and Monica hadn’t met before and I’m hoping they’ll become good friends since they have so much in common super mommies and women the both of them.

A package for me

Then a surprise package

So when it was time for them to go back to their little ones in single mommyville and me to my LOST addiction and the theories I’m now forming on it (another post for another time), Sharon quickly knocks back on my door to give me a little package she’d forgotten to bring up before. In here is some kid videos for Arya to watch at my house, some other kid things and– heh heh heh.. Wilson.  wilsonYou know Wilson, the volleyball from “Cast Away?”  Funny how I was cast away on an island all weekend (watching Lost) and she gives me this ball and maybe without even knowing how crazily connected it all is.  But I’ll just take the fact that I have friends with killer senses of humor and another perfect package to tie up my weekend just right. Still though I’ll have to paint that face on my new friend Wilson Jr.

Yes this supergirl had a “souper lost weekend” wouldn’t you say? Happy Monday from this girl. I hope its a great week all of you and you find time to help others and live and love life- oh and maybe make some soup too!

Love, encouragement and blessings,


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    • Hey!!! BTW, I got an Amazon card so I can watch Walking Dead finally!! Hopefully in the next couple days because I have to do it here at work lol (or on my tiny phone, and gotta see Rick bigger than that) I’ll let you know when so we can chat!! Also thanks for commenting. Hey, I didn’t mind the storm, it was wonderful to be cozy inside with my soup, lol!

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