A Non-Feminist’s View on Feminism, the Word and Our World

(Originally posted 8/17/14.. but a timeless message that every now and again needs to be heard by those who haven’t heard it yet.  Also, I wanted to make sure a special lady named Lisa who I spoke to on the phone today read it too, since it might be hard to find on my still not properly categorized website. Enjoy!)


Good Morning,

Getting ready for my big run today.  But before that, a little perspective, and no man hating, promise… just something I’ve been wanting to put out there.  I hope you find it useful, or at least interesting. 😉

The other day I was reading a post from a funny, fellow blogger, and he used the word Fem 3“Feminist.”  Does it make me “Feministic” because I was bothered by that word?  Don’t get me wrong, he has as much right to use any words he wants and I took no offense by his article.  This isn’t about him. More so, its about how people from my generation and younger probably don’t even realize what a feminist was, what the word “Feminism” really means and why that word really has no place in today’s language.

I really don’t think some people understand that a “Feminist” was not a Fem 1super-agressive, man-hating/bashing woman.  Feminism has nothing to do with how we feel about men, except that they were standing in the way of just us living normally.  They were blocking us at the kitchen door, trying to keep us under their thumb.

Tell me, are there really any feminists in this world?  Were there really ever any feminists?  Or was that just a word to describe a movement that should never have been a movement.  It just should have happened, when women proved themselves.  But no, we had to fight the stubborn man, that we really don’t hate and don’t want to get rid of. We are instinctually bound even today to them stubborn men (darn procreation).

Fem 5Wikipedia Says that Feminism is a collection of movements and ideologies aimed at defining, establishing, and defending equal political, economic, cultural, and social rights for women.[1][2] This includes seeking to establish equal opportunities for women in education and employment. A feminist advocates or supports the rights and equality of women.[3] (Click the definition for more on Feminism)

Fem 2Unfortunately, this is our history – it can’t be erased.  Even though today things have changed so much that the younger generation doesn’t even really know what that word means!  Women had to fight, be labeled and humiliated just to get what we deserved as human beings.  Now, why did we even think we deserved equal rights?  Why were we all not comfortable staying home, keeping our house and taking care of our men and their babies?  Well, things happened.  Life got real.  Things like war… women had to run the country while the men fought it.. way back from WWI.  We went nicely back to our kitchens– but sorry, we knew we were capable of more after that… kind of like Plato’s “Allegory of the Cave.”  We could not look at our kitchens the same way again, once we were put back in them.  Then there was divorce, (oh.. remember the “divorcee” and how “good families” looked down on her) and men walking out and not paying a dime of support or even visiting their kids.. just going on to a new family.  Oh!  And don’t forget, there was the economy.  My mother had to work (even in the 60’s), or they wouldn’t have been able to afford for us to live as middle class people- life got much more expensive starting even back then.

Our cry to justice and equality, called “Feminism” was a direct result of men’s actions. Isn’t that something?

This woman is no feminist.  More than anything in this world, my biggest dream growing up was that husband, children, old house with huge porch with Antique Lattice trim and staying home and raising those babies.  I can cook, I can clean, I can love a man right. But when that dream didn’t quite go right, thanks to “feminism” I was able to work and take care of these kids alone.  Mind you, we struggled, and salaries today still aren’t quite equal, but hey, I’m just grateful I didn’t have to raise them on welfare.

So I hope that now armed with a better idea of what Feminism is and isn’t, just what good it did for all the boys and girls raised by single moms, and all the men who stay at home because their wives bring in the bacon, the world today will think twice before spouting out a derogatory, defamatory word that really has no place in the English Language.

Happy Sunday!  Have a great day, k? 😉 I’m outta here.. see you in 14 (miles).

Hey!  How do you feel about feminism, and the word today?

Do you think its a good word or no?  Why?

Should the word be banned from the English Language?

Blue Baby and Grannie

6 thoughts on “A Non-Feminist’s View on Feminism, the Word and Our World

  1. I was thinking about this the other day as someone (a bloke) labelled my blog a feminist blog because it talked about women’s issues…bit lazy as why isn’t it equally a historical blog or a home interiors blog as it talks about those things too. Anyhoo he was very gracious about it when I pointed it out. But I digress. I think you have made some very good points here. I too was thinking how varied the take on feminism is for each individual so it is hard to pinpoint what it’s supposed to be, particularly as the overriding definition seems to be needlessly angry dyke women with moustaches – again, very lazy.

    Frankly I see it’s origins also as a response to the backward treatment of women over the ages. I think I like your version.

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    • :)) Thank you. I think the word got “redefined” over time to cover the tracks of those who failed us women.. maybe? But either way.. there’s just no place in today’s society for Feminism. Not when the boys who were raised by single moms are now parents. I think as a 70’s kid I just overlooked the whole thing.. but today, when I hear that word, it kind of upsets me. You know, I knew this post wasn’t gonna be a big “hit” too.. why do you think that is?? Cause of that ugly word, “Feminism.” I cannot be more indebted to the women (and I’m sure there were men) who took that abuse full force back when the “movement” was on. They made it so we can just live at least.. normally. We should be proud to be called that in a way… but really, it should never of been an issue. So, I say, DOWN WITH THE WORD FEMINISM! Hey, thanks so much for your valuable opinion and you keep doing you.

      I think today men use that word when they don’t understand us at all, to try to save face… lol!!


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