I Was LOST and Now I’m Found

Amazing Grace how sweet the sound, huh. Having you been looking for the answers to life, happiness and living true?  Well folks the answers are right there in the show LOST.  All the answers, not just what the show really was about.  I’ve found them and today I give them to all of you too, as I have throughout my blog since I started it.

The real “Beginning My Life at 43” started after I watched this one of the last scenes of the television show “Lost.” I didn’t understand why or what it really meant until today, but today I know the answers because I found them. I found them because I kept obsessing about this show lately, if I hadn’t mentioned it.  But there was a reason I kept obsessing about it and that reason is very clear today, but not for today’s post.

I think I mentioned my decline in funds which lead to a cable and internet-less home (which has done more good than bad I must say).  I had this copy of the first season of Lost on DVD for a long while, since my cousin died and I picked it from all his stuff he left. Then there’s my favorite podcasters Post Show Recaps, and after the recapping season of The Strain ended I noticed they had been delving into the LOST topic (though the show ended in 2010). I believe everything is connected as I’ve said and one day I started watching the first season and was intrigued beyond intrigution (new word lol). Though I had watched most of it back in the days it was on I never got it.  I even said that in my article on “How Geeks Changed Television and Movies” and I wasn’t looking for answers when I started this obsession just something to do.  So once that season was over I still couldn’t put my finger on it and got the next one from Half Price Books.  But it was becoming clearer and after Mr. Eko’s episode The 23 Palm, it started coming to fruition. This had something to do with the bible.  But still it didn’t make sense.  Still I watched and went through season 2 then another visit to Half Price Books and I was in Season 3. I think I watched the first two episodes when I had my epiphany.

Lost, ladies and gentlemen, is the path to salvation.  Its everyone’s path who is Lost themselves.  Lost is the story of people who were Lost and needed to find their ways.  Each one of them a story, much like so many in this world, and the Island was God.  The hostiles were the people meant to help us learn our lessons that we so stubbornly would continue to deny.  Until we took a leap of faith, until we were ready to face our past and demons and pains we would stay stuck on that island.  It was all crystal clear then.  Last night I watched “Tricia Tanaka is Dead” and it only further confirmed what I already know, what took me 4 years of “being on my island” to find.

We have to take a leap of faith.  We have to face our demons head on, our past hurts and mistakes and beliefs and let them go and take a risk. Live outside our comfort zones have hope and know that things will be okay.  Just like Hurley finally did when he wanted to get that car started.

Ladies and Gentlemen, J.J. Abrams tricked all of you into watching the bible.  The reason most people didn’t get it is because they are still Lost.  But as it wasn’t to late for them it isn’t to late for you either.  Call it God, a higher power or a belief that you are not your mistakes and you can change your life at any time that is the message this show was sending us. That is all.  There is amazing grace in this world for all those out their still Lost and when you find it you will change your life forever.

By the way, Jack and the others didn’t die at the end, they were reborn.

Though there are many more details in this story to support my theory, many who will argue this and I haven’t finished re-watching all of it I know I’m correct.  I invite every question and challenge you might have because I have belief and faith like none before.  This revelation and obsession also tied for me my love for sci-fi/fantasy and my need to inspire.  I have also been born again and its scary as hell and so exciting at the same time. Oh and my grand baby turns one years old tomorrow too.  Wow.

Happy Freaking Friday everyone. I get the grand baby after work today I cannot wait!

Amazing Grace


6 thoughts on “I Was LOST and Now I’m Found

  1. Beth says:

    First, you need a good laugh for the day. Try this: http://www.quiltingboard.com/mission-organization-f23/grandmas-stash-needs-organized-help-t248397.html

    Sometimes our lives get like this disorganized stash of cloth and we have to go back to re-evaluate what is important. I am glad you are taking a closer look at yours–looking at what is truly important.

    Not only will you need to get your life organized, but you need to ask yourself some very serious questions. Who created me? See John 1:1-4; Colossians 1:16-17 and Romans 1:18-23.

    For what purpose did he create me? See 2 Timothy 2:12; Revelation 22:5; Luke 16:10-12; 2 Corinthians 4:16-18. Hearts and minds are eternal and what we are on this earth is what we will be in eternity. If we are unfaithful to Him here, how can we reign with Him in eternity?

    Finally, read and take to heart Psalm 24:1. We are not owners of anything. God is the owner and has a right to make laws for us to obey. *Many* in religious positions are hypocrites–only there for the money. It will not be hard to see who they are. Don’t follow them. Revelation 21:8 is a pretty strong verse, but so applicable to hypocrisy.

    Death to the ‘old man’ and joy and peace to the new.

    Your granddaughter looks a lot like you. Babies are our hope for a better world. They bring us joy and comfort too, because they represent our own new start in life.

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