My Youngest Son Jim & Oldest Friend Sharon and my 15 Minutes

Jim, g'mas birthday

Jim and his girl Steph, together for 4 yrs, at Mom’s Birthday Party, 9/21/14

(Originally posted 9/22/2014. Happy Friday everyone!)

My younger son Jim is 22 now since June. He and I were always in it together and he’s going to hate me saying he was a mommy’s boy but he was.  I knew though when to back off as my job changed when females entered his life and I know got it right. Today I saw for certain that whatever happens in our lives, I raised a good boy into a good man and we will both be okay. He though only 22 is a man I’m proud to say I raised on my own.  No prejudices quite frankly.

August 2014, Sharon and Me

My friend Sharon is a friend since we were very little. We rekindled a life long trouble-making duo (that I was the catalyst, she along for the ride), not too long ago after a a long time passed. Today I can say for certain she’s one of the truest friends I’ve ever known.  That she is a woman on her way and I’m lucky to be party to it. No prejudices quite frankly.

Oh, then there’s those 15 minutes.  I got two so I guess that’s really 30 minutes. Heh heh, all good though, no time wasted.  

So actually my goal today was going to be to write about the show Extant, and how it changed my life. HA! Crazy but true and I still will. But as I avoided figuring out the angle that hadn’t hit me yet to make the article right, I savored the live podcast broadcast of The Strain by Post Show Recaps. Out of nowhere four funny out-of-the-norm awesome things happened.

My son Jim called during that podcast interrupting my “me” time.  I forgot that after mom’s party last night I cashed in his very first offer to “change my oil” (his contribution to his new writer mom). Son called twice and said he was on his way over.  While waiting for him (back to awesome podcast) I finally truly got the Twitter mojo-flo.  I twitted away to the Podcasters during their weekly live recap of #thestrain like a geek with too much time on her hands.  Then my efforts were rewarded as I watched their brains smoke at the thoughts I provided were heard loud and caused too much rethink I could visually see during their live podcasting. Also a question answered confirming mind change and then I a shout out. Here it is: My15MinutesofFamebyLauraMariaOlson.  It’s at 1:13:15, if you care to jump ahead. Love those guys, and I hope they know I’m using them for their brains and knowledge and my purpose in TV/Sci Fi cyberspace and beyond.

So yeah, then, my friend Sharon calls out of the blue no less and is outside with her son Brendan. They bring to me healthy Laura-type food to keep me afloat. She herself is totally struggling, yet she took time to help me.  I’m so unworthy. Then us three took Max to the woods (she loves him just like I do) and Brendan told me all about his things in his world I missed since its been a little while, and I told them both about mine.

Meanwhile, Jim arrives and takes time to talk and give good, true hello’s to my friend Sharon and Brendan, especially Brendan, hung and paid time with him.  Then, went under the hood of my car and did all he could do to help.  While we walked Max in the woods, he did pretty much a complete tune-up on his own, something I never taught him, filled my tank and gave me money for an oil change.  Wow.  Those are the moments you know you did good as a mom. Then we talked about life, goals and future. I can breathe another sigh of relief with him. Even more so, be proud. We came through so much together.

My friend and her son, meanwhile Jim and I talked, were upstairs in my place watching videos Brendan likes and loving my neglected-in-favor-of-a-laptop Max and relaxing. Then they left me to write and live their lives once again.  Then, while writing this post, along with Facebooking and emails another friend asked me to enter a contest for a chance to visit the Walking Dead set. I obliged without thinking, and did it.  I have never done that, so boldly and I didn’t even fix myself up one bit. I actually love it and whether I win or not, I already won, earlier today.  How do you like my submission? LMAO

I continue to count my blessings having four right in a row today, to name a few, and know I’m on the right track.  I hope wherever you are, you know that you are where you are supposed to be.

Love, Encouragement and blessings,



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