How In This World Can I Be Related to You?

(Happy Birthday to my very first grand child Arya Kira today.  So to celebrate today I’m showing my favorite Arya Kira posts.  Originally posted 8/16/14.  Enjoy!)

I wish I knew what she was thinking when she looks at me like that.

I hope its good thoughts.  We had a pretty great time together.  I cannot tell you how good it feels to sit on those steps with her right there wrapped up in my arms, but still feeling free to soak in the world around us.

After a really fun Friday I got to bring her to my Saturday morning temple babysitting job.  She got pretty played out, loved, appreciated and enjoyed.  I can’t ask for much more- they are such great kids.

Happy Saturday night, hope its a great one for you.  Stay positive, and look for and grab onto the good things around you.  That’s it folks, that’s what life is about, the people who bring you joy.  They are out there, you just have to let them come in.

Long run tomorrow morning (I’m ALMOST in full training mode– fair warning), so its an early bedtime for this alien.

A 2

Are we totally Borg looking or what?

15 thoughts on “How In This World Can I Be Related to You?

  1. People and things that actually exist are a HUGE plus! 😉
    I’m only interested in those that can be real and put action behind their words and be accountable. Life is too short to not just be real 🙂 thanks for the support internet friend! I may just have to visit Chicago one of these days and stop by to make sure you are fo reals – hehe


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