I Prefer A Pink Tuesday

(Happy Birthday to my very first grand child Arya Kira today.  So to celebrate today I’m showing my favorite Arya Kira posts.  Originally posted 8/6/2014.  Enjoy!)

I had a very Pink Tuesday, thank you.  I hadn’t seen my best buddy in a week and one whole day.  I think that’s way past the longest we’ve gone without each other. Her mommy has had a busy schedule, and I’m glad for that, cause they need to conquer the world.  But I was jonesing for my pink sidekick, and I got a great fix today. Here’s more of our colorful day.

IMG_4049We started our day visiting Great Grandma, Great Grandpa and Auntie Maria.  Here we are trying to get a nylon butterfly from a huge plant at Great Grandma’s.  There is definitely a lot to look at  and try to grab when we are here.  Even where we least expect it.IMG_4051She keeps trying… she’s gonna grab that butterfly, lol.  When I’m with her, watching her eyes absorb the world, not yet able to verbalize what she’s processing, I’m mesmerized into seeing this world in those expressive, enchanting eyes.  Having her around brings me nothing but youth, optimism, perspective, love.. and PINK.  I love pink.

I hope you had a great day… we did.  As I write she is in the other room sleeping now. She will be reprising her role as Office Assistant once again for her grand mom tomorrow as she joins me at work (shhh Pastor’s on vacation).  Well the nice thing is they have a totally STOCKED Nursery.  We’ll have a great time, and I’ll be sure to take some pics that are fun.

Another week going by… are you happy?  Are you living your truth, and savoring every bite, even if it’s not exactly what you expected?  It really is about what’s inside.  You can embrace what you deserve when you fix inside you what says you are undeserving.

I’d like to hear what makes you happy, or why you feel like you aren’t worthy.  You deserve peace, you deserve all that you can be.  Know that.

Love and encouragement, and goodnight.  :))


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Any questions, perspective, and comments are warmly welcomed.. I swear! Good and bad, its about growing and learning and getting better. I'd love to hear your thoughts, anytime. ;)

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