Its a Sunshine Day – or- A Very Arya Post

Me and my babygirl

(Happy Birthday to my very first grand child Arya Kira today.  So to celebrate today I’m showing my favorite Arya Kira posts.  Originally posted 9/24/14.  Enjoy!)

It’s been a Very Arya Week, filled with the sunshine that radiates blindingly from this being I call part of me. Its astonishing, bearing witness to this creature grow.  Also, very astonishing in that the Bradys’ didn’t die last night, at least not here at Beginning Life at 43. Can I get a Sha Na Na for that one? 😉

So, guess what a Grand mom blogger does sometimes when she is not posting?  Well, I’m gonna tell ya or even better I’m gonna slide show ya. Everyone needs one and funny; the pictures I took came out best to show that way i.e. completely unplanned.  I’m grateful for that.  Here’s some highlights from the last couple days, in Grandma Laura’s unique way.

Are you ready for some Arya?

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Yes, Grandma Leslie, we asked for a sample at Culvers while we waited for Grandma Laura’s dinner yesterday.  It was caramel cashew, and we savored every bite.  Don’t worry only prunes and apples for a desert tonight.  😉


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Look at that pucker upper!! I watch it back now wistfully metaphoric as I am annoying like that. Why is it we always go back to the things that make us squeal with angst? Pleasure and pain.

Hmmm… thinking about it as Arya thought hmmm, while tasting that sweet treat before, lol. So then after Grandma Laura scarfed down a few fried shrimp & cheese curds, we settled in last night, had a little fun and made a little music together.


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We always have a great time, whatever we do.  I love that about her, she goes with the flow.



Then today Grandma Laura grabbed her sidekick and we were off again. But first, we had to visit the wardrobe and pick out an outfit worthy of a Very Girls Night Out.


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I guess she says she didn’t have the best day today.  So, we did what every girl needs to do sometimes when she’s down, we went shopping! When we found the perfect thing she was looking for, we paid the cashier, and she cut all the tags off so we could savor our softest, most fun purchase today.


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Would you believe me if I told you I’ve always loved blankets?  I remembered that as we were checking out.  I wonder if its genetic.  Oh, she’s gonna be cuddled so tight.  Yup, I’m a hugger-type and I can get all cuddly and stuff.  Good thing for me I got a cuddly sidekick who I know can take it all in.  Heh  heh, when she’s in the mood, of course.

We wrapped our shopping trip up at the grocery store. Grandma managed to get it all upstairs, played a little, had desert and then a stiff drink before bed. All you can ask for with a babygirl, and much more. Now baby fast asleep with cozy blanket wrapped tight.  Grandma finally can snuggle up into computer, maybe even turn out another post tonight, since the next few days are going to be a bit crazy!  Funny, the last few days have been a bit crazy.  Well then, I guess I can handle it.

I hope wherever you are, you know you are where you are supposed to be.

Love, encouragement and Blessings, and know they are there right in front of you, in case you don’t see them.


Grandma 5




7 thoughts on “Its a Sunshine Day – or- A Very Arya Post

  1. Leslie says:’s all adorably wonderful but I almost love the last single picture of you two the most. So sweet.

    Two..maybe she goes back to the lemon cause she trusts us to give her good stuff. Lol

    Three..great slideshows. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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