Bright Spots in Darkness and Lemonade in a World filled with Lemons

 (Originally posted 10/16/14.  Happy Sunday afternoon!)

I answered a comment today from a follower who had posted a few days ago with questions such as if I was still “Beginning my life at 43” or if life had beat me down (in a nutshell). Apparently she doesn’t seem to see my posts anymore though I have done not much different just been a little busy with the life that has hit me.A matchy matchy grandma and babygirl

This person was someone I’d felt was a gift in my life at one time but her limited ability to see the world as I do I suppose made her withdraw.  Meanwhile as everyone else who follows me knows life hasn’t been anywhere easy for me.  The comment was ironically on my post about “Attitude, is it really just in you?”  I’m not sure if she was trying to bring me down or what she was trying to say publicity to me because she had my email but has not emailed me in a while, ever since I told her what I thought was limiting her ability to get her message out there when she asked me why. If you regularly follow me you know that by now I should just be beat down to the ground, huh?

~Even the man I loved and hoped was my hero was the vilest most immature villain I’ve ever met. I was completely shattered and mislead and fooled like the biggest fool ever could have been. I should just hate the world, huh?~

Here are some pictures of me from today.  They were taken by a man who comes and does the AC/Furnace work at the church I work at part-time. He’s my friend and today Arya needed to be with me at work.  Though it was a major balancing act – keeping a baby happy while getting my job done, I did get it all done and my grandbabygirl had fun too.

Life gives me Lemons often and I have no other choice but to make lemonade.  Here’s some lemonade for you:

Furthermore while I love my show Survivor, I had this golden moment with my grandbabygirl so I opted instead to capture it and watch my show later.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did:

To answer your question properly teacher, my life at 43 isn’t anywhere near what it is at 45.  Yes I still have financial issues and problems. I will probably have them forever and that’s because I choose others over myself. If I die with nothing, I die with people who love and will remember me. The first solution to my problem is to continue to be a bright spot in a world of lemons.  I hope someday you see that.

Until then I’ll be making lemonade despite the sour world that might surround me and I’m very proud of myself.


A Triumphant Woman



4 thoughts on “Bright Spots in Darkness and Lemonade in a World filled with Lemons

    • You are so sweet and thanks so much for all your encouraging comments and likes and reads.. at the moment I have no longer the internet at home and cannot go through my reader like I wish I could because I used all my phone G’s for the month as a “hotspot” lol. But when I have time after work I will stay later if I don’t have to grab my granddaughter to catch up. I hope you are doing well guy.

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