Mom’s Pond and the Slaughter of the Innocent

(Originally Posted 8/15/14. Happy Sunday, enjoy!)

Good Morning!

Getting ready for my morning run, but wanted to share my mom’s beautiful pond with you.  It’s a magical little place, filled with wonder, beauty… and mass destruction.

Even in perfect beauty, there can be tragedy.  They had over 20 fish in that pond for at least 6 years.  When you walked past, they’d come right to the top thinking they were getting fed.  All together in this huge little bunch, their tiny little fish lips just at the surface, waiting nicely.  They were very cute, even though they were goldfishes.  But one day, over the early part of this summer a crane swooped in and just ~~ eviscerated them.  Poor little fishes. For a while we didn’t even know there were a few still in there because they were too scared to go to the top to get their food.  I don’t blame them.
While we were very saddened by the loss of our little group, we did get more fish, and the ones left from before are coming around..hey, that’s life, right?
Happy Friday… The last days of summer are upon us, so savor every moment, and have a great day. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Mom’s Pond and the Slaughter of the Innocent

    • Lol Rob it was sad! I’m glad you felt that. They might just have teeny brains but the ones left knew enough to stay away from the top so you never know. Too bad we couldn’t cuddle the ones left, huh?

      That’s an excellent idea though. I will tell my folks. I think someone told them to hang shiny ribbons that the light reflecting woukd scare any future cranes but it didn’t seem like enough so I will tell them.

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