Home Again

My life came full circle as Sunday morning started with visiting a church. This church was the church I was baptized in and also the church I went to practically every Sunday from 0-12 years old. It was really kind of oddly perfectly nice to go back finally.

I gotta say its a LOT smaller than I remembered.

I gotta say its a LOT smaller than I remembered.

You know, its funny how connected life is when you finally have tuned in very clearly.  The congregation is somewhat smaller than it was back in my olden days. But I just am so grateful because I formed a bond with every person I met (and some who actually knew me when I was little) I was astonished at how wonderful it all felt to be back in an Episcopal Church service after being away for maybe 18 years – our church disbanded and I ended up at a Lutheran church for my children’s biblical education after that. But my heart was always missing the Episcopal swing. I could always tell the difference no matter what other denomination I tried. It was nice to finally have it all flow as I remebered.

I looked around at the place and it was so much bigger in my mind.  But everything that mattered; from the stained glass windows to the evergreen-less trim that stands in the corners now, was still there and kind of empty; before advent begins.

I don’t know about you, but coming home again feels so very good.  I wish I hadn’t stayed away for so long. That being said knowing what my skills are today and how they can help this place is ingrained in my heart only makes me want to be a part of it that much more.

Hope you made it through Monday.  Tomorrow is I prefer a pink Tuesday so I will be wearing pink.  Maybe over again but I don’t care I’m a rebel like that.

Love, Encouragement and Blessings,




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