Give Peace a Chance – A Tribute to our Veterans

1964989_10202254573520683_3192723050134288642_nHappy Veteran’s Day. I hope it’s a nice day wherever you are.  I am leaving work now and hoping to quickly get the post written because it’s of the utmost importance especially that its Veteran’s Day.


Many of us do not see the depths to which a solider really does go through when going to war for our country.  But he does indeed go through what today we can actually put a name on “PTSD” (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).

I’m very glad today at least the branches of the United States Armed Forces recognizes that when you put a gun in the hands of men and say “KILL” you cannot expect them to come back from that and just move along.  

Sadly though that is what happened to most of the men in my family who served.  I think that’s also why in my article on Feminism, when men came back from war they were different, angry and full of pain and no proper way to vent that out of their heads. It caused family dysfunction and led to a breakup in the “Happy Days” family life of the 50’s.  Luckily for my dad he ended up a Jet Mechanic for the Navy during Vietnam so he saw no blood. Unluckily my Uncle Bob was a solider for the Army during the Korean war and was one of the few who made it out alive on Hamburger Hill.  He received the Purple Heart, a very special medal given to men wounded in battle, among other medals. For years and years my Uncle drank and was kind of angry and for years and years I didn’t understand why.  I saw a Happy Days family go from happy to dysfunctional and it wasn’t even their fault.  He refused to pick up his medals or put down the bottle but still deep down he was a good man.

I suspect most of our serial killers, rapists, murders and the like have some connection with a war victim who was asked to Kill and then go home and be a man about it. I’m so glad today we finally have evolved.

My Uncle does finally have those medals and a license plate saying he is a purple heart veteran.  I’m glad we do that though we may not know just how deep their service to our country took a toll on them.  Thank you so very much to all our veteran soldiers of the United States Armed forces- your sacrifices to us, your problems and issues because of what the war did to you?  That doesn’t make what you did any less special or something you shouldn’t be ardently proud of.  We are grateful and stupid but not above learning.

Love, Encouragement and Blessings and PLEASE hug a soldier today okay?


Me and My Uncle Bob on Christmas 2012

Me and My Uncle Bob on Christmas 2013


7 thoughts on “Give Peace a Chance – A Tribute to our Veterans

  1. It is sad that veterans go through such trauma and end up having serious issues that do not only affect them, but affect their spouse, their children, their extended families and their friends. But I am glad that those issues have been recognized and that there is now help out there for anyone suffering from PTSD. It is a long journey to heal enough from that so it doesn’t affect lives as deeply or as much as it did before the journey of healing started. I am glad that your Uncle received his medals and then got them too 🙂

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