It’s Mating Season Ladies, Time to Play Coy.

Did you know it’s actually mating season NOW?  Really, it is I’m not kidding.  Okay maybe I was the last to be told, but according to all I picked up on from television, movies and the general consensus spring was supposed to be when love is in the air. But no, it is now.

I kind of like that idea, finding someone now and getting cozy together in the winter.  I guess the deers like that idea too.

The treasurer at my work who is in his 70’s took these in his backyard home in Morton Grove (with his Samsung phone, lol).  He had a couple big studs in there chasing about three Does he said. Isn’t that cute how she’s stops ever so nonchalantly to graze in the grass before running away from him, (heh heh) I love it.  Max always wants to chase after them as soon as he sees those white tails in the air so teasingly sensual. I can see why those big Bucks want to as well.

Though I was getting all the wrong messages from the rest of the world I once actually witnessed a birthing while in the woods in the spring. Sorry but I never looked up the gestation periods for deers before, so maybe it happened in February, around Valentine’s Day I guess I deduced. It was the strangest thing that ever happened to us while walking them woods (and I’ve seen some strange things before).  Max and I were walking the bike trail and we noticed little groups of Does scattered here and there – as if we walked into a deer coffee shop.  Off into the distance I thought I saw maybe deer sex because there were legs in the air and upsidedownness.  Then out of nowhere a Doe came almost 5 feet behind us.. me and my big oaf of a dog. He’s as big as the coyotes so that there was very surprising in itself.  She followed us very confrontedly so we just kept walking but as soon as we got far enough away she left.

We turned around though at one point and as soon as we got back to that place she left us she was back.  Then I started thinking this is very weird what is going on here?  But we kept walking and I told her we weren’t gonna hurt anyone.  Meanwhile the little Doe groups were just going about their coffee talk scattered here and there. Like they were having a town meeting or something. Then, after turning a bike trail curve, out of nowhere a huge buck and two Does ran over the bike trail just behind us from where that upsidedowness was going on before to the other side.  She stopped following us and went to them, the Buck and two Does.  Then as if I was in a dream, he stepped aside and there it was.  A brand new fawn with the whitest spots I’d ever seen before.  If I was to say what it felt like to be touched by God, that moment right there would be my first example.  I guess that Buck was very proud that he decided to show her off to us.  I’ll never know but I’ll never forget that day.

Courtesy of Google Images

Courtesy of Google Images

So I was surprised to see these pictures when our Treasurer showed them to me and put two and two together and now I guess I have it straight. Hey you learn something new everyday, right?  So now we know that its mating season now. Look out ladies those bucks are waiting to pounce.

Have a great day everyone.

Love, Encouragement and Blessings,


A Laura 5


Any questions, perspective, and comments are warmly welcomed.. I swear! Good and bad, its about growing and learning and getting better. I'd love to hear your thoughts, anytime. ;)

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