So Life Sucks… Find the Love and Fun Around You and Live Anyways

(Originally Posted 7/25/14.  I had such a great time with Arya’s mommy just us three and I want her to know how much I love her exactly how she is, including her snakes, lizards and especially her babygirl. She took many of the pics in this post and is such a gifted talented photographer and artist.  If you’d like to see more please visit her Facebook Page Jordyn Veronique Art.  When life sucks and people let you down, just read this post and know how amazing you are!!  So grateful you are in my life, I love you Jordyn!)

Love to dance and so does she!

So its crystal clear to all of you… my life is far from perfect.  I’ve only “begun” to live my best life.  Constantly still making mistakes, even now, but learning and growing can’t happen without them.  There are problems, lots of them.  Some within control, and some – not somuch. But what I CAN control how I let those things affect me.  Can you tell this girls’ been through the ringer, let down unbelievably bad by someone she truly believed in (yes today!), and really, completely feel clueless?  Ha, well its true.  Ya, even though still kinda devastatedly shocked, I’ve still got love in my life and damn it I’m gonna live.  Everything isn’t exactly where it should be yet, but still going in the right direction.

 It is really true though, that when you have good seeds planted, things grow.. and eventually you have this beautiful garden- maybe of plants, and maybe of loved ones. But you took the time to nurture it.. and it rewards you with beauty…

I’m reaping some of the rewards of the garden I planted, like this little girl. All the things we do together.

Her mommy told me today she LOVES this watch that I left in her bag.. its my running watch and I've been missing it.  Guess its time to get a new one. That she loves my watch, is priceless.

Her mommy told me today she LOVES this watch that I left in her bag.. its my running watch and I’ve been missing it. Guess its time to get a new one. That she loves my watch, is priceless.

I’m going to start also sharing my real world here too.. I hope it will inspire you to love where you are in life too, even if it isn’t exactly where you want to be.

Cheek to cheek baby.. its how we roll

Cheek to cheek baby.. its how we roll

So tonight Arya, her mommy Jordyn and I went to our local summer band/autoshow night.. (so small town in a big city) and I had my first dance tonight with my baby girl... and her mommy. We had such fun. I have to let it go and live.  I can assure you, when I came home all the crap was still there.  But I feel hopeful, loved,inspired and wild.  That’s not too bad for a bad day.

It is true that when you surround yourself with only good, loving, supportive people who don’t weigh you down, you get back from that too.  And especially when you need it.

So even when you feel like life sucks, if you’ve done your homework and established real bonds and relationships with good, positive people around you, you have support. So call them, don’t isolate yourself cause you feel down. Not everytime will it be so adventurous, but if you let it, it will little by little get eaiser, and a bad night can end up becoming  something… magical.  It starts with you though, and cleaning out the junk in your life — so you can have room for the good stuff, and people.  They will be there for you when you need it.



Have a great night you all, and count the blessings around you, and those good people that were put in your life to make you the best you that YOU can be.  

If there are people in your life that aren’t doing that for you- that make you feel bad about yourself when you are with them, cut them loose or they will bring you down with their ship and sail away and leave you there to drown.

Having a hard time like me or getting past something or someone bad in your life?  Need any ideas or have questions on ridding your life of toxic people?  Have a great story to share on how you overcame?  Share your story and change someone elses’ cause you never know. I’d love to hear about it too..comment below and have a great day.

Thank you to Arya’s mommy for some of the photos on this post!


3 thoughts on “So Life Sucks… Find the Love and Fun Around You and Live Anyways

  1. Leslie says:

    I’m sorry the other day had such shite in it for ya, woman. Glad you can find the good in it & had our two rays of sunshine to make it better. Good outlook.


    • Well, it gets easier the more you do it- and hell, I really think I’m totally over it today and its like.. NEXT! I’m finally starting to see things differently hallelujah! 🙂 thanks for the comment luv. Did you subscribe yet? See you soon bud.


Any questions, perspective, and comments are warmly welcomed.. I swear! Good and bad, its about growing and learning and getting better. I'd love to hear your thoughts, anytime. ;)

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