Young People: Tell Them They Are Special and Say It Often

(Repost from 10/2/14 of one of my favorite Posts and a message that needs to be heard over and over again)
It Takes A Village. Yes it does.

We all try (to be something) starting as young people and half the time we don’t know even what it really is we are supposed to be being and still not fitting in. There’s a pattern ingrained in many of us starting in early childhood from family/people/life experiences that sets us off on a wrong turn down a path that makes us think we aren’t strong, worthy or good enough.

I offer you first this exquisite video that will perfectly put my plea to those still looking – and most especially to the beautiful young people put in my life now. The ones very close to me, or new to my life or that I’ve met blogging and the ones that I don’t know who might stumble on this post. I owe you nothing less than all I learned to help you overcome.  Watch this video and know every beautiful note is all for you and listen carefully. Then play it over and over again.


The inspiration for tonight’s post came from the need to write of a moment I had yesterday when I was going along here mi vida loca. I had a realization of efforts I immediately need to put myself more in.


Arya and her gorgeous Mommy. I love them both unconditionally.

I was driving home tonight reflecting on the days’ events and remembered when I text complimented my grand baby’s mommy because she was worried about something she was doing this weekend. I told her “Just have fun and show off that perfect child (my grand baby) that YOU created.”  She texted back only this:


Three letters said I flowed right in that moment and even more it just changed her attitude 150%.  I was so grateful that though amidst a hectic life I was able to text the right words and help. I love her so much though she still has a ways to go to see how miraculous she is. But I also realize I’m not spending enough time with her and that IS my responsibility. That will change after 26.2 Sunday – my vow today I make to her in print.


Steph Grandma and Arya

Me and two of my favorite girls: Steph and Arya.

Then there is Jim’s girl. At 22 she is a rock, solid with the heart of one of the most loving human beings I’ve ever known. She’s had it so tough but keeps coming through every time even stronger and I love her and I forget to tell her and praise her and give her strength way too often. I’m so proud of her and how she keeps fighting and if I do nothing else tomorrow I must text her and tell her all that.  She needs to hear it too.

Two beautiful (inside and out) young people I was around yesterday who mean everything to me. I’m a better person because they love me too. But there are young people I see everyday when racing through my life; strangers, friends and the like and all of those young folks need to hear positive things– of every age and especially starting at the earliest point you can. They need to hear good things every day they can be exposed to it and every person can do that because we are a village.

I am amazingly blessed that I have such a cataclysmic study to test my theories on about being positive. Case in point:  this very young one– I am constantly praising her for herself and her every accomplishment big or small every second I am in her presence.

Who wants to bet this little person will be huge in this world when she grows up?  😉

Can you imagine that if instead of complaining about and yelling at kids and teenagers and the lack of whatever for misbehaving– we praised them and tried to lift them up?

How different might things be today and I’m not talking to parents but the rest of us – as friends, neighbors and fellow members of the planet earth. Even if it’s a smile or a compliment on a cute outfit or when observing them doing something positive. What if you only looked for that in kids and then took time to point it out- whether at the grocery store, park or anywhere you might find one? What’s the worst thing that can happen except maybe you brighten a light? Kids can be anything no matter how hard their lives were, they just need somebody to show them something different.

Man I love this snuggling #babygirl

Man I love this snuggling #babygirl


But YOU, yes YOU, can plant seeds of change – because OF ALL OF US in mankindland – young people are the most rich soil; and as older people we know how to grow things right because we learned the hard way.





That somebody can be you and it takes a village.

I hope you got through the week alright as I can safely say I did.  I’m running the marathon this Sunday and I’m so completely excited beyond words. I hope it’s a great day for you all and a great weekend.

It is Friday.  TGIF.

Norhing means more to me than her love.






“It takes a Village” will be an ongoing topic on children and youth through young adult and our responsibility to them whether they belong to us or not.  We cannot blame society when we look the other way.  
Even more than that though is that it is an astonishing thing when you can change the outlook or negative thinking of a child/youth/young adult in a grim place. You realize you CAN be that one okay person they’ll remember — and maybe when growing up have a sense of just what a real survivor is.  

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