Winter Is Coming!

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Furry clothing and warm vests and hats!

Happy Friday!  It was 19 degrees in Chicagoland when I woke up this morning and winter is coming.. as the Stark family would say in the Game of Thrones books that became an HBO series and also one of my favorite stories incase you wondered.  Time to celebrate the season right? Yay Joy, snow, fun… okay, not so much. It seems everyone hates the cold.  My buddy Sharon hates it so much she cannot stop from telling me though she is a Chicagoan born and raised. You’d think she’d be used to it by now but all she wants to talk about is moving to Florida. I think Florida is not such a great plan because they have so many bugs you have to keep screens around the pool. But that’s just me and for her though sadly she has Ms. Inspiration as a best friend so she gets hit with all sorts of optimism.  Poor thing but what can I say I just embrace what I’m given. Give me cold and I’ll tell you why it’s so great!  So here is my cold punch-in-the-face to all of you as to why we must celebrate the season!

CaptureOkay so while on my blog-hiatus I wrote this little “note” on Facebook.  There are so many things about winter that I treasure.  It actually exploded tenfold after my granddaughter was born.  I have to admit I neglected to decorate my house for a few years after my youngest son moved out.  I have to make sure to ask him to come by and help me get out the Christmas decorations this year so I can make my house a Christmas wonder for that beautiful baby. Also, as I told Sharon I can’t wait to take that baby and her son and daughter sledding at the same hill I sled on as a little girl.  Winter is going to kick butt for me this year.

There are so many good things about winter, sweaters, Hot Chocolate, Snow, Christmas, dogs who love snow and walking in the woods, parties, friends, family, crisp air, hot drinks, roasts in the oven, the trees framed in snow, sledding, cuddling, warm blankets, warm dogs I could go on and on but I’ll spare you cold frowners but you get the jist.  You know really we cannot avoid it so why moan about it?  Summer will be back soon enough and we’ll be complaining about the heat right?  Well not me though, heh heh ;)!

Lots of winter memories and so many more to be made this year I cannot wait!  So get out your snowpants, get your storm windows up, make some soup and Hot chocolate and sit back and relax in the goodness of the seasons we have.  Unless you live in Florida, then get the bug spray ready.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Love, Encouragement and Blessings,


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Smile its Friday!



8 thoughts on “Winter Is Coming!

  1. Leslie says:

    Excellent reasons to enjoy winter. Terrific blog. I’ll add some

    Skiing (even though o haven’t been in forever)
    Xmas lights! (My fav thing to look at & try not to crash tge car doing it. Lol)

    Snuggling in a warm bed with a sweet kittie…or baby now!

    Theres mire but I’m taking off.

    Love ya!

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