Training Has Began and Laura’s World Continues to Expand

Happy Saturday!  Its rainy-ish in Chicagoland, but it warmed up like it’s the end of the world!  No kidding this week started out at 9 degrees and today its in the 40’s.  Go figure.  So Max and I ran today, and it went very well.  Getting back out there after my ankle injury could have gone either way but I’m taking it slow and steady so I don’t re-injure myself.

Running Grandma Laura and her Partner Runnerdog Max (sounds like a crime fighting team lol).

Running Grandma Laura and her Partner Runnerdog Max (sounds like a crime fighting team lol).

Meanwhile I’m back on the healthy eating kick. If you noticed the new box in the sidebar, I’m doing the Door County Half in May with another best friend and Mud Pie Pammy. What’s more, my basement neighbor Tarrie, whom you’ve met before at parties, bbq’s and most recently brought all those beautiful clothes for Arya, has decided she’d like me to cook for her all the time. She hates cooking and I when I would cook I would more often than not bring her a plate, so she bought me 200 dollars worth of groceries and supplies yesterday afternoon. Can I get a WOO HOO for that? She’s also going to have back surgery soon and will need someone to take care of her since most of her family is out-of-state.  I’m so grateful to God for these kind of blessings, having friends that take care of me and I can take care of while also taking good care of myself.  Unworthy but I’ll take it.

photo (14)

My Friday Night in Chicago went even better than I could have hoped!

So I just arrived at work having more work than I have time (another blessing) and I’m going to get started but I wanted to say hey. On the schedule tonight a little babygirl time then the Grandmas are going to a Hawaiian bar. It’s a great little place I’ll have to share with you all if I can see the computer screen once I get home, ha ha ha.  Tomorrow is church and a special documentary movie screening going around the country right now about objectifying young women called America the Beautiful 3. While out Friday night with an old friend (heh heh) I met the director Darryl Roberts and he bought me tickets to screen and review it! I didn’t even know he was the director then, not until I did research for this post, wow.  But his film, about the sick way we are objectifying even the youngest of women is such an important message – I’m beyond honored to be asked and will be sure to do what I can to spread the word and I hope you’ll check my review out to be posted Sunday night hopefully.

Exciting things continue to brew!! Whatever you are doing this weekend, I hope you are happy and making the most out of whatever life gives you.  Before you know it, you might be getting more out of it than you could dream too!

Love, Encouragement and Blessings,


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5 thoughts on “Training Has Began and Laura’s World Continues to Expand

  1. This post made me smile 🙂 Thank you for the inspiration and warm messages of love and encouragement. The movie premiere sounds amazing and can’t wait to hear your review. Keep flying my friend…

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